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Steller Strategic Planning Meeting Notes 10 28 08

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

In attendance: Joe Banta, Robin Wohlforth, Gary Steele, Rebecca Burns, Charles Wohlforth, Barbara Wohlforth, Harlod Greene

We met at 5 p.m. to go over the value statements developed at the Oct 1 all community meeting. Charles had compiled the notes from the meeting, gathering the value statements from the five groups by their commonalities, which produced 11 value commonalities and several more statements that had been made by only one group each. (That document is attached at the end.) He began a discussion on the validity of these groupings, which quickly became a deep and broad-ranging philosophical discussion about Steller.

We first took on the value of academics and doing challenging intellectual work. The group felt this should be broken into two values: one about seriousness and purpose (covering all work, not just academics), and the other about intellectual development/work.

Harlod said that, as the new principal, (more…)

Strategic Plan Committee Meeting – Jan 15

Monday, January 7th, 2008

The Strategic Plan Committee is meeting Tuesday, Jan 15, at 3:45 pm in Danielle’s room. This group has been organizing our all-school meetings and renewal process. The purpose of the meeting is to review action plans on Orientation, Advisory Groups, and Staff Development based on the discussions at the last all-community meeting. These three plans will then be taken to student, staff and parents, and to the next all-community meeting, on January 31. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in our committee meetings. For more information, or to get on the email list for committee announcements and minutes, contact Charles Wohlforth (; 274-2271). Press ‘Read the rest of this entry’ to read the notes from the December 7, 2007 meeting.