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OP Group Notes 4/26/12

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report -$1723.50

IV.     Old Business

  1. Intensive dates for the 2013-2014 will be at the end of each semester.

V.     Reports

  1. Principal- None
  2. Staff- Second semester schedule should be finalized. At the beginning of next year there will be a 2 ½ day orientation and a half day of registration. Student-lead conferences are soon so sign up.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Prom May 5th
  2. Senior breakfast May 3rd
  3. Find out in AG groups who would be interested in veggie burgers on activity day.
  4. Senior Celeste will be putting on a two week yoga class at the beginning of May that will meet after school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Leigh Anne’s portable from 2:30 to 3:30. Please see Celeste for a full schedule and to answer questions you may have.

VII.     Adjourn

All-Community Meeting Postponed

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

New meeting date to be announced.

OP Group Notes 2/16/12

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Presentation from Nurse Anne- The blood drive was on 2-17-12 from 12-5 pm. Blood drives are held to save peoples’ lives. The blood is given to those who are in need of it like car accident victims and blood transfusions. To donate, you have to be at least 16 years old with parent permission (18 without) and weigh at least 113 lbs. The blood is given to people in the community. Eat well before you donate and stay hydrated. Side affects include dizziness and fatigue.

IV.     Treasurer’s Report - $1516.27

V.     Reports

  1. Dale- Dale said to be on the look out for kids at Steller that aren’t behaving. Vandalism is happening and talk to Dale if you see any of it occurring.
  2. Staff – Staff is starting to look at putting next year’s class schedule together.
  3. Parents- None

VI.     Announcements

  1. Souper Steller has been very successful and accomplished their goal for AWAKE and was able to purchase the X-box. They are looking for a new program to donate to. A system has been set up so that people vote with their spoons when they are done eating.

VII.     Adjourn

OP Group Notes 1/12/12

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2710.27

IV.     Old Business

  1. Mural Proposal

V.     Reports

  1. Principal- Go to the ACM
  1. Staff- Intensive scholarships are there if you need one, just go to the office and ask. Add/ Drop forms only come your advisor. Steller Alternative Fair Feb. 4th

VI.     Announcements

  1. Prom- Jan. 28th
  2. Alternative Fair- Feb. 4th
  3. Talent show- Jan. 20th
  4. Ice Cream Social- Feb. 9th 6-8pm
  5. Last week for Pennies For Patients

VII.     Adjourn

Missing reps- High School: Danelle, Gerald, Ken Middle School: Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Jennifer, Ken, Natalie and Alysha


OP Group Notes 1/5/12

Friday, January 6th, 2012

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $1923.68 (as of before winter break)

IV.     Old Business

a.   Intensive Policy Change

Proposal to Amend Intensive Policy

-Whereas: Currently, students are not allowed to take the same intensive twice in two years

-Whereas: there are many intensives (eg Frolf, ski/snowboard, photography, pottery, etc) that could further benefit the student if taken multiple times
-Whereas repeating the intensive as an intermediate or advanced learner will increase skill

-Whereas a two-year gap between intensives often times causes the student’s skill level to regress

- Therefore be it resolved: that a system be implemented that allows students to advance their skills by taking an intensive more than once in two years. If the student wishes to take an intensive again the next semester/year, they would be required to have the approval of their advisor, their parent, and the teacher of the intensive. The student would be required to fill out a form that explains how they would benefit from taking the intensive again, and then the advisor, parent and intensive teacher would sign it, agreeing that taking the intensive again would benefit the student.

b.   Souper Steller- starting on 1/13, there will be two different types of soup served at lunch on Fridays during the cold season. It will most likely end at spring                  break. It will be free to students and staff. Donations are accepted and all extra money will go to the Salvation Army.

c.   ACM on Thursday- The agenda will go: Introductions, Elementary school visitations, John- testing, appropriate clothing, break out sessions (SDL,                             recruitment, turn it in, community involvement), probation travel policies, home work in Jen’s room after school, and the talent show.

V.     Reports

a.   Principal- Peter Alwood is coming to Steller to talk about drugs (this already happened) Dale is looking into making the dark room into a seminar room.                      There will be further discussion on that. Dale would like to see student involvement in the ACM. Founders Day is coming up in February.

b.   Staff- Intensives are out. Ashley’s intensive will have a $10 fee. Intensive scholarship forms are available if needed. Staff is working on the probation                            policy. Staff meetings are open to everyone who wants to go.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Prom is coming up soon
  2. ACM on Thursday
  3. Intensives sign up today

VII.     Adjourn

OP Group Notes 11/10/11

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2373.68

IV.     Old Business

  1. Utensil discussion- there was more information brought up at OP group. It costs 3 cents each for compostable silverware and 2.5 cents for plastic silverware. Also, should it cost people to use the silverware? Please discuss a. what kind of silverware should be bought? and b. should it cost people to use the silverware?

V.     New Business

a.   Sean Kelly-

Whereas I am planning to put on a play for my passage.

Whereas I have worked very hard to get money for this play.

Whereas to rent the rights for the play I need to pay a $400 security deposit fee.

Therefore be it resolved that op-group should lend me $400 for the security deposit, to be paid back in late April after the play is complete.

b.   Joe Banta- The Issue: Steller needs to compete for alternative education students!

- Why? Because there are lots of other alternative schools and programs in ASD

Because not everyone has heard of Steller and how great it is!

Because we need a certain number of students to keep teachers

Some ideas about how to draw in alternative education students …,

- Market Steller!

Show off what a great school it is and the opportunities that it provides
How? Some ideas to showcase who we are and what students get
to do here

  • student videos,
  • essays,
  • interviews that we can put on the Steller website
  • Other ideas?

How can you help?

- Join the Market Steller Work Group (you could come up with a better name … )

- make a video with friends about the opportunities Steller has given you

- write an essay

- join the web team and make the website look cool

- who knows – think of something!

c.    Attendance Officer position- Kyrie was elected as the new Attendance Officer

d.   Saleem AASG-


Whereas the Alaska Association of Student Governments (AASG) is a student lead biannual
leadership conference

Whereas all Alaskan high schools should be represented by delegates at the two conferences

Whereas I was Steller’s voice in debating and voting upon important resolutions from schools

all across the state

Whereas I was the singular delegate representing Steller Secondary, amongst more than 50 other

schools represented at the recent fall conference at Service nigh School

Whereas the experience I gained from the conference has given me the know how to create and

present resolutions for our school at the next AASG conference

Whereas these resolutions can potentially better the educational experience of everyone of us

Whereas the cover charge for me to attend the meeting as a delegate representing our school was


I propose that Op Group reimburse my family with this money, showing that we all appreciate

our school’s representation at the statewide conference.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Auction is Nov. 12. Baskets should be done by Nov. 8th.  Freshmen please show up.
  2. The Lounge stereo is broken and Wright is trying to find a new one, please see him on if you can donate one or have any information on where we can get one.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing Reps: Middle School- Bob, Danelle, Danielle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Jennifer, Ken, Leigh Anne, Natalie and Alysha, Philip, Svetlana

High school- Gerald, Jennifer, Leigh Anne, Svetlana


OP Group Notes 11/3/11

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2194.49

IV.     New Business

  1. Utensil discussion- Should Steller still buy plastic silver wear? If yes, should they get compostable (more expensive) or plastic silver wear (less expensive)? Please discuss in AG’s
  2. Spirit Week this week Nov. 7-11- see posters for themes passed 19-0-0

V.     Reports

  1. Staff- Registration for 2nd semester is scheduled for Dec. 2nd.  Ad Board on Nov. 10th
  2. Principal- Thursday night activity night will be temporarily discontinued. Dale went to a general leadership meeting. We need to start getting more parents connected to Steller

VI.     Announcements

  1. Auction is Nov. 12. Baskets should be done by Nov. 8th.  Freshmen please show up.
  2. The Lounge stereo is broken and Wright is trying to find a new one, please see him on if you can donate one or have any information on where we can get one.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing Reps: Middle School- Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Jennifer, Ken, Leigh Anne, Natalie and Alysha, Svetlana, and Troy.

High school- Gerald, Lee, and Leigh Anne

OP Group Notes 10/27/11

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2144.49

IV.     New Business

a. Jen’s AG- wear red on 10/27/11   passed

V.     Reports


VI.     Announcements

  1. Auction is Nov. 12. Baskets should be done by Nov. 8th.
  2. There was a choir performance on 10/25/11

VII.     Adjourn

OP Group Notes 10/20/11

Friday, October 21st, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report - $2,194.49

IV.     Old Business

  1. Krystal’s Mural was approved
  2. Intensive dates were changed according to the proposal.

V.     New Business


VI.     Reports

  1. Principal- Dale went to a principal meeting and learned a lot. If students are caught with drugs or under the influence of drugs, they will be subjected to a 10 day suspension. The suspension can be brought down to 5 days if you take a 5 day class on drugs for $45.
  2. Staff – Student lead conferences on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Remember to put work in your portfolios.
  3. Parents- None

VII.     Announcements

  1. Student lead conferences this week make sure you sign up.
  2. Auction on November 12. Please have baskets done by November 8th.

VIII.     Adjourn

Missing reps-

OP Group Notes 10/6/11

Friday, October 7th, 2011

I.   Call to Order

II.   Approval of agenda

III.   Treasurer’s report - $2887.33

  1. Old Business
    1. Sophomore Class Dance Proposal- PG Cross dressing Dance on December 9th. Passed 21-2-1
    2. 2012-13 intensive dates discuss in AG’s passed 24-0-0

Intensive Dates for Next Year Op Group Proposal

Whereas, this was only the second August Intensive in the past ten years;

Whereas, there was no orientation at the beginning of the school year;

Whereas, students and staff voiced concerns about missing orientation;

Whereas, the late registration delayed some students from starting MyHigh, KCC, and classes at other schools;

Whereas, another August Intensive is scheduled for next year;

Whereas, scheduling orientation and Intensives in August will leave only six weeks for first quarter;

Be it proposed that:

Steller will hold orientation and registration during the first three days of school.

Move the scheduled fall Intensive to December 10th-20th.

Move the scheduled January Intensive to the end of 4th quarter in May.

These changes will allow students time to meet new to Steller students during Orientation; help with students registering for MyHigh, KCC, and classes at other schools; and maintain winter and warm weather Intensives.

Proposed by: Steller Staff

3.  Mural proposal from Krystal-Sent to AG’s to approve 24-0-0

V.   New Business

  1. Club proposal Saleem- Whereas Steller would benefit from an intellectual seminar club, I propose SHIFT  (Seminar for Human Issues and Furthering Thought).
  2. Statement of purpose: The reason I have decided to form this club is to collaborate the thoughts and ideas of a small group of my peers in a seminar format in order to better serve our community and fellow students. Our focus is to shift paradigms of thinking through open discussion of current issues. We will meet weekly during lunch or after school to engage in closed seminar sessions every other week. Biweekly we will choose specific topics to bring to SHIFT meetings that are open to all students. Through these peer engagements we hope to enlighten and give greater perspective and involvement to younger students. Seniors that are interested in joining the core seminar group should give Ocean a typed paragraph describing why you would be a positive addition to the group, and attend a SHIFT meeting.

a. Ashley

b. Ocean Saleem Jangda

c. We will meet weekly during lunch or after school.

d. Ambassadors have already been elected:

  1. Ethan Korpi-Love
  2. Kari Pedersen
  3. Kevin Lankford
  4. Ocean Saleem Jangda

e. Thursdays at lunch in Philip’s Lab or Ashley’s room

VI.    Reports

  1. Principal- Working on parent involvement plan and a student action plan
  2. Staff- Student lead conferences are coming up soon on Oct. 26 and 27

VII.   Announcements

  1. Auction Nov. 12, work on baskets
  2. The auction is also looking for entertainment, tryouts on Oct. 20
  3. Present 2nd semester peer taughts to staff on Oct. 17

VIII.   Adjourn

Missing reps: not available

OP Group Notes 9/15/11

Friday, September 16th, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report - $1721.99

IV.     New Business

  1. Dance Proposal- Jen/Troy Alice in Wonderland Theme dance- tabled due to confusion. 26/0/1
  2. Student Advisory Board- Op group elected three reps to attend Student Advisory Board
  3. Steller Acro Club- A proposal was brought forth to create a club- tabled due to needed forms were not filled out. 27/0/0
  4. Mural Proposal- Krystal will hang a poster of a mural for 2 weeks in the hall for feedback. 27/0/0
  5. Name the Computer labs- sent to AG’s 27/0/0

V.     Reports

  1. Staff- Intensives feedback was talked about at the staff meeting
  2. Principal- None
  3. Parent Group- None

VI.     Announcements- Neon Dance September 23.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing reps: Middle School: Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Jennifer, Natalie and Alysha, Philip. High School Danelle

OP Group Notes 9/8/11

Friday, September 9th, 2011

I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report -none

IV.     New Business

  1. Election of Officers
    1. Chair- Lorryn Wilhelm
    2. Vice-chair- Lindsay Lutes
    3. Attendance Officer- Steven Castlle
    4. Treasurer- Hunter Nance
    5. Secretary- Tate Miles
  2. Parent Group Proposal- Parent Group would like $50.00 a semester for kitchen supplies (forks, spoons, plates, cups, etc.). Proposal was passed with 15 for 1 against.
  3. Dance Proposal- The eighth grade class will hold a Neon themed dance on September 30.

V.     Reports

  1. Staff- Talk in advisory group about intensives. Discuss things you liked and didn’t like about times.
  2. Principal- None
  3. Parent Group- None

VI.     Announcements

TPC tryouts on Wednesday the 14th and Friday the 16th, see Arthur. Interested in Drama Club? See Lindsay Lutes or Haleigh Brannon.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing reps: Middle School- Danielle, Gerald, Jen, Jennifer, Ken, Lee, Leigh Anne, and Troy. High School- Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Ken Lee, Philip, and Svetlana.­­­­­­

Op Group Notes- 4/14/11

Sunday, April 17th, 2011


I.     Call to Order and Quorum (18)

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report

-     $2336.92 (this includes all encumbered funds)

IV.     Old Business-none

V.     New Business

a.     New Principal Meet and Greet (Discussion Proposal)

A meet and greet was held on Friday for the four remaining candidates for Steller’s principal. Qualities of a good principal and questions that students wanted to ask were discussed in Op Group.

VI.     Reports

a.     Staff

-     Olympics next year: Do we keep doing winter Olympics or switch back to spring?

-     Next years schedule will be out soon.

-     Fall intensive are being figured out. How to help new teachers with the intensive program, number of students, etc.

b.     Parent

-     April 27th is the last staff lunch!

c.     Principal-none

VII.     Announcements

-     There is no AG  next week.

-     Ad board is this Thursday

-     Senior Breakfast is this Thursday

-     Prom! April 30th at the Westmark Hotel. Theme is Old Hollywood. Tickets are on sale during lunch.

VIII.     Adjourn

Missing reps from: Jen(both), Jennifer(high school), Natalie(high school), Shanley/Danlu (both)


Op Group Notes- 4/7/11

Monday, April 11th, 2011
  1. Call to Order and Quorum (18)
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Treasure’s Report

-       $ 1,246. 92

  1. Old Business
  2. a) Isaac- Cancer fundraiser

-       Passed 9/0/4

b) Activity Day

- Passed 9/0/4

V. New Business- none

VI. Reports

a)     Principal-none

b)    Parents- none

c)     Staff- none

VII. Announcements

-       OVERNIGHTER! This Friday/ Saturday. TOB will be open so bring cash!

-       Japan day is on the 13th. Volunteers are needed to make paper cranes. See Kaelyn Williams. Japanese display items are also needed

-       Permission slips for activity day are due on May 2nd. They will be handed out in AGs soon. This day is optional for seniors, all students must ride the bus or bike with a teacher.

-       Sophomores, turn in permission slips for sophomore day. If you are not at school or sophomore day, you will not be able to go to the overnighter.

VIII. Adjourn.

- Missing reps from: Alayne (middle school), Gerald/ Svetlana (both), Jen (middle school), Jennifer (both), Ken (high school), Leigh Anne (high school), Natalie (both), Shanley/ Danlu (high school), Troy (both)


Op Group Notes- 3/31/11

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

I.     Call to Order and Quorum (20)

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurers Report

-     -$192.00

-     Taking into account all encumbered funds, Op Group only has $1008.60 left in its fund to spend freely. This means that it is not possible to pass any of the proposals with funding requests that were sent to AG last week. A committee has been formed to evaluate the problem and implement solutions

IV.     Old Business

a)     Isaac- Cancer Fundraiser

-     Tabled due to overwhelming abstentions and lack of funds

b)     Activity Day

-     Tabled due to overwhelming abstentions and lack of funds

V.     New Business- none

VI.     Reports

a)     Principal

-     The Alaska Native Heritage Center Youth Leadership Conference is soon. Talk about the possibility of sending a student delegation to this event in Advisory Groups. See Harlod for more info

-     Students are needed for the hiring committee. They will be asked to interview the applicants for principal next year and potential new staff members.

b)     Staff

-     Testing next week! Juniors and Seniors don’t need to be at school except for classes after lunch, unless you are re-taking the HSGQE. The schedule for next week is as follows

Monday- 5, 2, 3, 4, Lunch, AG, 6

Tuesday- Testing, Lunch, 1, 2

Wednesday- Testing, Lunch, 3, 4

Thursday- Testing, Lunch, 5, 6

Friday- Olympics!

c)     Parent-none

VII.     Announcements

-     There IS Op Group this week!

VIII.     Adjourn

Missing reps from: Danielle, Jen, Ken, Leigh Anne, Natalie, Nina/Lorna, Shanley/Danlu, and Troy.