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AG Notes 4/30/12

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Discuss in AG what you would like to see at next year’s orientation.  Input from advisory groups will be brought back to today’s staff meeting.

During next year’s 3-day orientation we have the opportunity to have a volunteer fair one morning. A variety of organizations would present on the services they provide to the community and the ways in which students can get involved in service projects. Advisory groups should let their advisors know today whether they are interested in doing this. If you have a suggestion for an organization that you would like to have present, let your advisor know. (Advisors – please bring feedback to staff meeting today, so we can decide whether we’re going to plan for a volunteer fair or not.)

Students or staff who currently volunteer or who have been involved in service projects are encouraged to share information about their experiences. This information will potentially be included on a community service board or on the Steller website. Include your name, grade level, a brief description of the volunteer experience and whether or not you would recommend it to other students. Email it to Steller parent Victoria Weindel. You can get her email address from your advisor:

There will be an 8th grade class meeting in Danielle’s room Tuesday at lunch.

Steller’s All School Activity Day is Monday,  May 14th at Cuddy Family Park.  It is important that we receive all permission slips no later than Thursday, May 10th in order to calculate buses and BBQ amounts.

PLEASE return your signed slip to the office or your advisor asap

Greece Meeting on Wednesday at noon to complete our plan for presentation day. Bring your presentation and lets see what you got!!!!!!!

Remember to order your Steller wear ASAP!

Students, do you plan to work this summer?  If so, you can earn elective credit!  Sign up with John for the summer Work Experience program -  This is an easy and great way to earn elective credit in school while you are earning money at work!!
Work Experience will be online this year and kids will have until July 17 to submit hours.  You may earn a .5 elective credit for every 112.5 hours employed on a supervised, approved site.  (During the summer term, a student can earn 1.0 credit for 225 hours of work and 1.5 credits for 337.5 hours.)   Hours are documented with pay stubs each time the student receives a pay check.  Some additional paperwork and assignments are required.

AG Notes 4/23/12

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The staff is proposing the following intensive dates for the 2013-14 school year: Dec. 9-19th and May 5-16th, at the end of semesters. (August would not be an option this year due to religious holiday dates.) Each advisory group should vote to determine whether or not they’re in support of this.

Also, advisories should discuss (and vote on) whether they like having the Steller Olympics at the end of testing week. The other option is to move the Olympics to the end of the year. If we did this, the Olympics would take the place of the Activity Day the last week of school.

Interested in teaching a class, but are not wanting to run the entire class yourself?  Or have you been wanting to teach a core class instead of an elective?  Then consider being a Co-Teacher.  Co-teachers work with a classroom teacher on creating lesson plans and teaching regular core classes.  CO-Teachers teach with the teachers so the Co-Taught classes get the benefit of 2 teachers.  There will be a meeting at noon on Wednesday in Jen’s room with more information. Or stop by Jen’s room anytime to see the list of next year’s Co-Taught classes.

Presentation Day – Steller students are known for being involved and creative individuals – it’s time to share and celebrate that! The morning of May 16th (graduation day) is set aside for presentations of projects completed throughout the school year.  Passages, peer-taughts, clubs, mentorships and intensives are all experiences students are encouraged to share with the community.  Students who are interested in performing or presenting during one or more sessions should talk to their advisors today so that we can put together the schedule. (Seniors interested in presenting can do so in the earliest sessions so they can get to graduation rehearsal.)

Nurse Anne wants to thank the Sophomores for being so polite to the presenters on Sophmore Day, for the very positive interaction and for the helpful comments on the evaluation forms. She has forwarded your thoughtful, positive comments on to the presenters. All of you were model students. Thank you for representing Steller so well.

Remember to order your Steller shirts, sweatshirts, and hats now. Pick up order forms from your advisor or the office and return them to Lee, Deanna, or Leigh Anne by next Monday.


Tickets: $20.00 per Person Sign up Guest’s in the Office  Sign up deadline is May1st @ noon

Please remember the following rules: Only TWO guests per Steller student. ALL Guests MUST have a picture ID! Guests MUST be 7th grade through 12th grade up to 20 years of age



Advisory Groups, please consider:

  •  Should Steller continue Souper Steller Fridays?
  •  How should we fund it?  (currently, each meal costs $1.50-$2.75 and the last few weeks’ donations have come in at $.72-$1.25)
  •  The sky is the limit…What should the lunches be like? What served, where should they be served, should there be an open mic time as well, or music?
  •  How can Steller students take more leadership in the project if they want to?

Email to with ideas.  Thanks a bunch!

Students interested in attending CloseUp next fall need to attend a meeting this Wednesday at noon in Ken’s room. I’ll have updates for you along with costs and itinerary info.

There is a mandatory sophomore meeting on Tuesday in Ken’s room at noon. This will be a planning session for the Senior Breakfast.

AG Notes 4/16/12

Monday, April 16th, 2012

There will be a brief garden club meeting Wednesday in Danielle’s room at the start of lunch. Any student interested in planting with us and helping to take care of Steller’s Peace Garden this summer is welcome to attend. We will also discuss the possibility of selling at the Farmer’s Market again.

Did you enjoy this year’s activity night?  If so make sure you thank the seniors, they did an amazing job putting on this year’s event. Thank you seniors!!

Souper Steller Lunch Brainstorm 11:45 TODAY in library, okay to bring your lunch! Bring ideas from your entire advisory group please!

Advisory Groups, please consider:

  •  Should Steller continue Souper Steller Fridays?
  • How should we fund it?  (currently, each meal costs $1.50-$2.75 and the last few weeks’ donations have come in at $.72-$1.25)
  • The sky is the limit…What should the lunches be like? What served, where should they be served, should there be an open mic time as well, or music?
  • How can Steller students take more leadership in the project if they want to?

You are welcome to come to the meeting with ideas from the discussion by bringing them to the Steller Library or email to  Thanks a bunch!

Seniors have you done your slide show?  Don’t forget they are due in 8 days.  Each senior has 3 minutes for graduation, which includes your speech and your slideshow.  If you have questions on this see Jen.

Sailing intensive meeting Wednesday in Leigh Anne’s relo at 12.

Steller shirts and hats are now available to order. Each advisor has some order forms and more are available in the office. Check out the flash and posters in the hall for colors.

AG Notes 4/9/12

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Quick Greece meeting Wednesday at Noon in Philips room. Make sure you have been working on your presentations!!!!

College & Career Planning with John will be covering the topic of Gap Years, taking time off after high school before entering college or starting a career, tomorrow in the MPR during lunch.  If you have any thoughts about taking a “Gap Year” there is a lot more to know about it than you may realize.

SBA make ups (7-9 grades) are happening Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the MPR.  If you missed a test last week you need to see John about taking it.

Those seventh and eighth graders who had registered for Leigh Anne’s Sailing Intensive, please stop by her relo at 11:50 for a quick 10 minute meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10th.

8th graders, the nurse needs your CPR Anytime Training sheet THIS morning. They must be turned in before 9 for you to be considered in the drawing for prizes.

Sophomores, please return your consent form for Sophomore Day to Nurse Anne by Wednesday, at the latest. All Sophomores are expected to participate in Sophomore Day. If you do not return the consent form and thus do not participate in Sophomore Day, you will be assigned make up work, you will not receive an excused absence from school and you will not be allowed to participate in Activity Night. Please get those consent forms in. Roll call will be taken on the bus Friday morning before leaving for the BP Energy Center. Anyone without a consent will have to depart from the bus and call their parent. The bus driver will NOTwait for parents to deliver the consent, however.

Deadlines for Seniors in MyHigh classes

Seniors need to have all work for online classes submitted in time for MyHigh teachers to grade it and acknowledge whether or not the senior passed the class before graduation.  Since schools have graduation scheduled on different days, there may be some flexibility in the “absolute drop-dead date”.    We have suggested April 30th, since the first graduation is scheduled on May 3rd.  That gives our teachers two days to get grades confirmed.  If your school has a later graduation date, and you have a senior who cannot make the April 30th deadline, please be sure to be in communication with MyHigh so we can accommodate if possible.  Since all of our teachers are full-time teachers in your buildings, you understand that they cannot be expected to drop everything in their face-to-face classes to grade something on the spot for their online class – we expect our teachers to return work in 24-48 hours.

Bottom line is, seniors need to have work submitted in time for our teachers to evaluate it and confirm final grades before your graduation.  Please encourage your seniors to get work submitted in time to be evaluated well before they are scheduled to walk across the stage.

Seniors two important things:  1) We have a meeting tomorrow during lunch, noon, Natalie’s room; to tweak up any last minute details for the activity night.  2) Senior Slideshows, the deadline is in 2 weeks, April 24th.   The format needs to be in either quick time or power point.

Forgot to turn in your activity night permission slip?  We will still take them up until Wednesday.

Felix has asked advisory groups to vote on his mural today.  The description is below

Explanation of mural:

In the foreground former United Socialist Soviet Russia dictator, Joseph Stalin stands with a radio in his left hand and a sickle in his right. Stalin stands on a mound that houses the graves of both Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin. To Stalin’s right is a P.S.U.C. Soldier from the Spanish Civil War. The P.S.U.C. (communist) Soldier is sitting(suppressing) on the movements of the C.N.T. (Anarchist) And P.O.U.M. (socialist) militias while also suppressing the idea of revolution during the war. Stalin’s bolshevik’s directly went against any revolutionary aims in the war by militarily aiding (sickle in Stalin’s hand) the PSUC to suppress other Marxist groups which in turn would allow the Franco dictatorship to usurp power over Spain and continue trade with the U.S.S.R. The grave to the right of Stalin, Trotsky’s, is partially on the side of the P.S.U.C. Soldier portion of the mural. The reason for the placement of Trotsky’s grave is to symbolize what he meant to the Bolshevik movement. Before Trotsky was exiled from Russia he was the commissar of the Bolshevik military forces, effectively making him the symbolic ‘sickle’ of the original Bolsheviks (pre-Stalin Russia). On Stalin’s left hand side there is a worker in overalls symbolizing solidarity movements in the United States. The worker holds a hammer, the quintessential symbol for the proletariat. The worker in the foreground is joined by a row of other faces which symbolizes worker solidarity. The radio that lies on Stalin’s left palm symbolizes the propaganda used to suppress workers movements. Propaganda against workers movements in the United States mostly came from drawing parallels between the disparities in the U.S.S.R. And the fact that a very small minority of unions were headed by Marxist groups. The lead propagator of Red scare hysteria was a senator by the name of Joseph McCarthy, this is the reason why his name is being bellowed by the radio. Vladimir Lenin’s grave is positioned to Stalin’s left bordering the solidarity movements portion of the mural. Vladimir Lenin was essentially the leader of post Tsar Russia up until his death. Lenin was to many in Russia, the driving force behind much of the success of the many anti Tsar revolutions. Lenin was like the hammer to Trotsky’s sickle. Lenin’s grave is placed in that specific spot to symbolize his position in pre-Stalin Russia (the hammer) in relation to the importance of workers movements in the United States.

This mural in no way endorses Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, or any other isms. I also in no way endorse any of Stalin’s action while in power. My mural is meant to critique Stalin and his effects on the Spanish Civil War and Workers movements in the United States and nothing more.

Whistler intensives:

The first payment deadline is tomorrow; the registration forms are in a library.

The “Hunger Games” trivia is going to be held in a library on Wednesday. Come to the library any time on Wednesday 04/11, ask library staff for a trivia form, and check all the correct answers. There will be the price for a winner!

The Sophomore class will meet tomorrow at noon in Ken’s room. See you there!

AG Announcements 4/2/12

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

This week is testing week.  We will be testing from 8:30 to lunch Tues –Thurs.  To ensure a happy testing week make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat breakfast.  Also you may finish your test before the test period is up so bring a book to read.  Cellphones and Ipods will not be allowed during the test.


Remember to register for the sailing intensive this week.  Forms and deposits are due to Leigh Anne by the 5th.  Stop by to get information.


Seniors if you are planning on coming to the slideshow work session Thursday night let Jen know so we know how many pizzas to order and cookies to make.  Yes that’s right, I will be making cookies in the kitchen while we work so they will be fresh out of the oven! J


A reminder of what next week’s schedule looks like:

Monday –All (1, 4, 3, AG, L, 5, 6)

Tues – Testing till lunch then 1, 2

Wed – Testing till lunch then 3, 4

Thursday – Testing till lunch then 5, 6

Friday – Steller Olympics



All class assignments for SBA/HSGQE Testing will be posted at lunch today

through Thursday Afternoon on the White Board and at all the entrances

to the school.  Make sure you find which class you report to.

Testing needs to begin promptly at 8:30AM

If you have any questions see John in the office ASAP.


Sophomores, please make certain Nurse Anne has your consent for Sophomore Day, April 13th. The day is rapidly approaching!


Please remind all students who have already passed the HSGQE they do not need to be here during testing, but they are welcome in the building from lunch on.


Congratulations to the visual arts students for an impressive exhibit at Blaine’s Art.  The artwork received countless compliments, so the art students should be very proud of the work they have accomplished.  There were easily over 100 guests who came to the show.  In addition, a contest is currently being held at Blaine’s Art for the People’s Choice Award.  Come see the show and vote for your favorite piece.  The show will be up until April 13th.  Awesome work art students!



AG Notes 3/26/12

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

All sophomores who have not returned their consent form for Sophomore Day please do so as soon as possible. You can access another consent from the Steller website, if you have misplaced yours.  All sophomores are required to attend this event.  There will be pizza for lunch provided by the Parent Group.

The girl’s Motivational Group has been postponed until Tuesday, April 3rd immediately after school in the conference room. Please see nurse Anne for additional information, if you are interested.

This Thursday, the Lion’s Club will have volunteers at Steller to give free vision screenings to all students. This is a very sophisticated screening. It does not require a consent We hope to screen all Steller students and any parent or staff member who is interested. If you have a prescription for glasses or contacts. please wear them.  An accurate assessment cannot be done if you do not have them on at the time of the screening.

All students wishing to test out of LPF this year must attend a practice run through. This April 17th is the last day for test out. There will be a practice run through tomorrow March 27th in the gym at lunch.

Students who want to offer a peer-taught next semester need to present their proposals to the staff next Monday after school in Ken’s room.

There will be a 7th grade meeting on Tuesday at noon in Ashley’s Room.  We will be sealing the time capsule for the year, so please bring anything you would like included in it.

There will be a Senior class meeting at noon tomorrow in Natalie’s room.  Part of this meeting will be a breakout work session to make a plan for Activity Night.

Permission slips for this year’s Activity Night are in the office.  You must have the form filled out and returned in order to attend.  Permission slips are due April 9th.

Leigh Anne is ready to get students signed up to come onboard with her to Puerto Rico for next December’s Sailing Intensive.  The total cost will be between $2500 and $3250, depending on the number of participants.  The first payment of $850 is due by April 5th. Please feel free to stop by if you have any questions.   Payment and forms can be brought to Leigh Anne any day between now and then.  Checks need to be made out to Steller Secondary.

Are you planning to Sail or head to Whistler for the Dec. 2012 Intensives and are going to apply for a travel scholarship? If so, scholarship forms are due to the office on April 2nd.

The college and career planning lunch with John will meet this Wednesday the 28th notTuesday as previously scheduled.

Greece Meeting Wednesday at Noon in Philips room to discuss our next gathering.

Junior class meeting on Tuesday in Philip’s room.

Close Up will meet again this week on Wednesday at noon in Ken’s room. This is a great opportunity to get an inside look at Washington D.C. and Colonial Williamsburg while earning a quarter of government credit at the same time. If you’re the least bit curious, come join us on Wednesday and get the full story.

Heads up, artists of Steller! Yearbook is hosting an awesome new design contest, where your artwork can be used as the cover of next year’s yearbook. If you are a Steller student with a talent for art, take part in this great opportunity. Voting will be done by the yearbook staff, and if your cover is chosen you will receive a FREE copy of next year’s finished yearbook, complete with your winning cover art.  If you are serious about creating original artwork for all of the Steller community to see, please contact Svetlana about further details.

The parent group believes that the most important component at Steller is the student body. High quality students who are committed to the school’s educational philosophy make for an excellent academic environment promoting teacher retention, student recruitment, and overall reputation of excellence.

We are concerned that there is no longer a wait list for Steller and have noted examples of loss of excellent Steller students. We therefore propose a recruitment and retention coordinator who works closely with the principle and staff and who is funded and answers to the parent group.

AG Notes 3/19/12

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Seniors:  There will be a class meeting tomorrow at noon in Natalie’s room.  We will be planning for the upcoming activity night

Do you know what important date occurred during spring break? It is one of the most celebrated dates in mathematics; the date that celebrates the very cool and useful number  (pi, 3.14…).  The math department did not want this day to pass us by without some sort of celebration, which is why we are celebrating “Unofficial Pi Day” at lunch this Friday in Jen’s room.  What does this mean?  It means a free slice of pie to anyone who enters Jen’s room, during lunch, being able to recite ten decimal places of PI.  Think you can memorize more?  Come to Jen’s room this week for details on entering the PI memorizing contest!

Interested in next December’s Sailing Intensive in the Caribbean?  There will be a student meeting this Wednesday at noon and a parent informational meeting this Thursday, the 22nd, at 6:30 in Leigh Anne’s portable.  Find out where we will be sailing to, learn about what activities we will be doing, and get your questions answered.  I am ready to start registering students for this intensive, so come and find out more and get on board.

Seniors having trouble creating your slide show for graduation?  Want to do a slide show, but can’t find the time?  Then join Natalie and Jen on Thursday, April 5th for an evening in the computer lab to work on your show.  More details will follow in a later AG announcement.

There is a dance this Friday.  The theme is classic cartoons.  Check posters in the halls for more details!

The deadline for peer-taught proposals is Monday, April 2nd. Students wishing to teach a peer-taught next semester should present to the staff after school that day.

Close Up is coming! Now is the time to plan for next November’s Close Up trip to Washington DC. Students will be able to earn one quarter of government credit as well as participate in the premier student visitation program to Washington DC. Plan to meet this Wednesday at noon in Ken’s room for the details. See you there!

Temple of the Bean Meeting Wednesday @ Lunch in Conference Room

Still thinking about Pie?  Ask your parents to help support this awesome day by bringing in a pie or 2 to Jen’s room this Friday morning.  All types of pie are welcome.

Our March Dance is Friday Mar. 23rd ,  7:00 –11:00.  

The theme is  “CLASSIC” Cartoon Characters.

$5.00 if dressed in attire, $4.00 if not

All Proceeds from the Dance will go

to The Heffer Foundation

The Guest book is out for students to sign up guests.

Guest Sign up ends Tuesday, Mar. 20th at 2:30pm **(extended time)**


Please remember the following rules:

Only guests from ASD area allowed.

Only TWO guests per Steller student.

Guests MUST have a picture ID!

Guests MUST be 7th grade through 12th grade only.




There is a group starting next Tuesday for adolescent women who are

interested in being part of a  group entitled “Get Motivated.” It will

teach you what your motivational style is and how to capatalize on that

style. You will take a test to dermine what motivates you, then we will

talk about goal setting and how to go about accomplishing your goals. If

you are interested in beinnng a part of this group, please see Nurse Anne

for a consent form. A form is also on the Steller website in addtion to

an informational letter telling more about the group.

Anne M. McCarron, R.N. NBCSN

AG Notes 2/13/12

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Seniors, Yearbook needs your senior pictures and senior portraits right now! Please submit them to Svetlana soon it would be too late!!!!!

The class fee for Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle! Is due by Monday of next week. Bring $35 to Bob ASAP.

Model United Nations group meets today in Ken’s room @ noon. Have your resolutions ready for submission. See you then.

Those interested in learning more about the Sailing Intensive come to Leigh Anne’s room today at lunch.

Those interested in learning more about Jen’s California Adventure Intensive come to her room noon on Wednesday for more information.

There will be a quick meeting at the beginning of lunch for students in the Winter Outdoor Activity intensive in the Study Skills room

In Ad board it was passed that students may take the ski/snowboard intensive two years in a row, because of this Jen and Troy are allowing up to 15 more students to join this year’s ski/snow intensive.  If you would like to sign up you must come to Jen’s room today at noon.

We still need donors for next Friday’s Blood Drive. If you are between 16 and 18 you can donate with parental consent.  You also need to weigh at least 113 pounds. See Nurse Anne if you have not picked up a consent form. They are in an attachment on Flash in the articles about the blood drive.

The nurse is interested in starting a six week study group for girls. This group is open to any adolescent girl who wants to know more about motivational styles and how to apply those styles to their schoolwork, job, other people, etc.   It will start immediately after school, March 14th, the Wednesday following spring intensives, and will last about 45 minutes. It will continue for six weeks. See Nurse Anne for more information and a consent if you are interested in participating.

Close Up is headed to Washington DC next November and now is the time to start planning your trip. Come to Ken’s room on Wednesday at noon for the full story on this fabulous travel opportunity for high school students. If you have questions in the meantime, talk with students who went last time: Jacob Holly-Kline, Andre Lacsina, Cai Doran, Emily Beeson, or Krystal Griffin. They can give you a good idea of what to expect in DC.

There will be a meeting for the “College and Career” Intensive tomorrow, Tuesday, at lunch in the MPR.

Students taking the Winter Outdoor Activity intensive (cross country skiing, ice skating, and snowshoeing) with Deanna, there will be a quick informational meeting this Wednesday at the beginning of lunch in the Study Skills classroom.  You will need the information from this meeting in order to be prepared for the first day of the intensive.

We will have an ASM today at 9:05 in the MPR to talk about next year’s travel trips.

AG Notes 2/6/12

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Mandatory Greece meeting Tuesday at Noon in Philips room. We will be getting final flight information and checklists for travel

There will be a very brief garden club meeting on Wednesday in Danielle’s room at the start of lunch. Anyone interested is welcome.

Quick 7th grade meeting at noon in Ashley’s room on Tuesday.  Bring letters and photos/memorabilia.

Model United Nations group will meet this Wednesday at noon in Ken’s room. This is an important meeting and all delegates are expected to attend.

We still need lots of parents and students to sign up for the blood drive February 17th. Zackary Porter was the first to offer a donation.  He is an underaged student, but received the permission form and can’t wait to donate. This following quote comes from Karen Glavanic, the parent of two former students at Steller who continues to do so much to keep our website functioning.  ”You can use my name to promote the blood drive if you want.  My treatment has required six pints of blood so far and I would not be here without it.  This is a way people can help, not me but others, just like other donors were there for me.” Karen has some significant health problems, but is hanging in there and as always thinking of what she can do to help Steller.

Dress Code Reminder:  Staff is still continuing to see students wearing clothing that are not appropriate for school.  If a staff member sees a student in violation with the dress code he or she will now be sent to the office to change.

Last call for Shadow Volunteers.  Sign up with Elizabeth in the office.  Shadowing starts next Monday, February 13th.

AG Notes 1/30/2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Steller is hosting a blood drive February 17th from 12 pm until 5 pm.  This is a no school day for students, but if you are interested in donating blood and weight at least 113 pounds you can donate with parental consent. If you live in the area and do not mind coming back to school for this event, please let Anne know so you can be added to her list.

Also, Anne has an interest in starting a psycho-educational group for girls. This is the opportunity to learn about and discuss issues relevant to adolescence -  self-esteem, dating, careers options, etc.  If you are interested in being a part of this group please let her know.  It will meet immediately after school on a day that works best for everyone.

Shadow Volunteers needed.  Sign up with Elizabeth in the office.  Shadowing starts Monday, February 13th and goes until Friday, April 13th.

All students signed up for the Snow Sculpture intensive need to come by Claudia/Robert’s room Monday (today) during lunch for a few minutes.  We won’t keep you very long! You will have an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have concerning your intensive.   Robert would like to begin building the sculpture molds soon so please begin bringing your $40.00 to cover these costs.  Funds will need to be received no later than Friday, February 10th

Attention students in the Vampire Intensive! Please bring your $35 class fee to Bob as soon as possible. We are trying to gather supplies for the awesome activities everyone will participate in.

There will be a 7th grade meeting at noon in Ashley’s room on Tuesday.  Please remember your letters.  Ashley will have envelopes to seal them in.

A reminder about Soup on Fridays.  The soup is a designed to help raise money for the teen room at AWAK.  When buying soup please donate at least $1.50 otherwise we won’t be able to raise any money and help the teens out.

Acro Intensive - Waivers & Class Fee Due this Thursday – no exceptions

Mandatory Meeting after school this Thursday

7th Grade Students - 

On Tuesday, January 31st, morning and Wednesday, February 1st morning we are administering the Tera Nova Assessment in the Multi Purpose Room.

Please be on time, the assessment begins promptly at 8:30 and the sooner we get started the sooner sooner we will be finished.


In order to help teachers help students with their make up assignments and tests, we are requesting Parent help by excusing your students within 24 hours of their tardy or absence.


Please remind ALL students to sign in and out of the office so that we can excuse their tardiness and absences correctly.

The February Dance in next Friday, Feb 10.  The dance guest sign-up list will be in the office this week.  You must sign-up your guest before next Tuesday at noon.  Please remember, you must have your guests full name, their current school, and a contact number.

AG Notes 1/23/12

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

7th graders – Please finish up your letters to your future self this week.  We will meet next Tuesday, Jan.31 at noon in Ashley’s room.

Steller Visitor Policy

1.     Parents of Steller students and Alumni are welcomed anytime before, during and after school

2.     Anyone who visits the school must check in at the office, and sign in on the visitor computer.

3.     A Steller student may arrange to sponsor a student visitor with prior written approval of all the teachers involved, the Steller Principal, the visitor’s parent or guardian, and the visitors home school.  This approval must be given no later than 24 hours prior to the class.

4.     The Principal or any staff member may refuse anyone the right to visit and may ask anyone who is visiting to leave.


Signup for guests for the Winter Prom ends tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th at noon. NO EXCEPTIONS!

There will be a mandatory 8th grade class meeting in Danielle’s room tomorrow at noon.

During next week members of the “Battle of the Book” can come to  a library every lunch to practice answering questions.

Mandatory meeting is on Wednesday  (01/ 25/12) at noon in the library.

At lunchtime we will be duct-taping Dale to the wall in the hall. Please see Nurse Anne first. You will receive a yard of duct tape for a dollar donation to the Pennies for Patients Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fund drive.

Josten’s will be here at the beginning of lunch only today for students to have their pictures taken for their school id’s.  This will be the last time that they will come.

AG Notes 1/17/12

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

There will be a mandatory Ski/Snowboard meeting this Friday at noon in Jen’s room.

Make-up Picture Day #2

For those of you who are new to Steller or missed both Picture Day and the Make-up Picture Day, LifeTouch will be here:

Monday, January 23rd

11:45am – 12:40pm


Please sign-up in the office by Friday, January 20th.

Those students who were in Leigh Anne’s law studies class last semester and are interested in completing in the Alaska State Mock Trial competition, please stop by Leigh Anne’s relo on Tuesday at 11:50.  We will have a brief 15 minute meeting.

Steller’s talent show is this Friday at 7pm and we have a lot in store for you to see.  This is a fundraiser and a dessert potluck, so show up with $5 and a dessert.  Bring your family and friends.

TPC will meet Wednesday at noon in the MPR

1.  Terra Nova Assessment for 7th grade will be Wednesday, January 31st and Thursday, February 1st.

2.  Our “10 feet in 10 days” Clothing Drive to collect winter clothes and blankets begins today and goes through January 30th.  Everything brought in will be collected by Advisement Group and measured by “size” (volume).  The Advisement Group who brings in the “largest” amount will win a fabulous prize…to be revealed soon.

Please have all the advisory groups make cards for Karen Glavinic today.  She is in the hospital going through cancer treatments.  She has helped us out immensely by keeping our Flash up to date.

Model United Nations meets tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon in Ken’s room. Very important. See you there.


Congratulations to the Artists of the Month:

1st place Pablo Sleichter-Gonzalez (work on display in hall)

2nd place Aryeh Lax

3rd place Vince Radoff

4th place Kindra Robbins (she doesn’t know yet :-D )

Great job and look forward to see who will win this month!

Mural packets are in AG boxes,  AG should vote on each mural on whether or not it should be painted over or kept.  This is a process that is done every 5 years to allow room for new murals.

Mandatory meeting for Music intensive tomorrow at noon in Natalie’s room.


The following are two activities to stimulate donations for final week of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, “Pennies for  Patients” Fund raising event.  Thank you so much for your donations so far.

#1 There will be pennies in a jar on the office desk top. Students and staff can donate a quarter to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for an opportunity to guess the number of pennies in the jar. The closest wins a

coupon for a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  He or she also has the opportunity to add the pennies in the jar to their classroom collection for the chance to win a pizza party for their entire class!

# 2 Dale has volunteered to allow students to duct tape him to the wall. Students who donate $1 to Pennies for Patients  can purchase a piece of duct tape for this purpose. The taping event will take place immediately after school on Friday, the 20th. See nurse Anne on Friday to purchase a piece of duct tape. Keep those donations coming in for this very worthy cause!

Thank you.

Nurse Anne

AG Notes 1/9/12

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Interested in one of the upcoming intensives, but the class fee is too high?  Steller is offering scholarships, based on financial need that could pay for part or all of the intensive fee.  If you would like to apply for an intensive scholarship please pick up a form from the office.  Scholarship deadline is:  January 18th.

Students, in addition to the Community Involvement high school elective at North Star Elementary during 2nd through 7th periods, there is another opportunity at Tudor Elementary (1666 Cache Dr., 99506).  From 3:30-5 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tudor is offering a homework lab and fitness club.  They are looking for middle and high school student tutors.  If you are interested in participating or would like further information, please see Deanna.  An elective credit is available for students who are able to commit to the entire program.

Students who would like support with their writing are encouraged to attend writing lab. This semester Danielle is offering it, and students can come at lunch or after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

There is also math lab that is ongoing in Jen’s room at lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays and Natalie’s on Tues and Thurs.

Yearbook announcements:

For seniors: Please submit your senior pictures and senior pages to Svetlana. Yearbook needs them now!

For everybody: Please provide your out of school sport and out of school activities photos for yearbook!

Please return overdue library books. Overdue notices are in the advisors mailboxes.

Battle of the Book meeting is on Wednesday at noon in a library.

Greek Intensive Students: Go to Philip’s room during Intensive registration.  We have a few items that need to be decided on.

Talent Show auditions are going to be held this Wednesday after school in the MPR.   If you have any questions, talk to Leigh Anne or Deanna.   The Talent show will be on Friday, January 20th and all of you should attend.

Model United Nations meets today in Ken’s room at noon. Be sure to be there for committee assignments.


Steller has officially started the Pennies for Patients fund raising event.  The event will continue for the next two weeks. We will help people who are sick with cancers like Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. All you have to do is collect coins and other donations and put them in your AG classroom collection box. Remember that every penny counts! Our goal is  to raise $500. The classroom that raises the most will earn a pizza party.  That means that if everyone contributes just one dollar one advisory group will have a party.  Once you have made a donation write your name on a Pennies for Patients name pad in the hallway and be one of the “heroes” helping to fight these diseases.

Remember, every penny counts!  Coins can make a difference in the fight to find a cure. The US Mint estimates that there is 13 billion dollars in loose change lying around in American! Check under couch cushions, in the car, in your locker, on the sidewalk and in your family’s junk drawer. Of course, donations of all currencies are also accepted – nickels, quarters, dollars, etc. Thanks for fighting cancer … one penny at a time! Nurse Anne

Ski/Snowboard sign up will be in Jen’s room.

AG Notes 1/03/12

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

Teachers:  Please have your advisees vote on their favorite t-shirt design for a new Steller shirt.  The designs are attached, “Steller pictures”, so please show students  the FOUR designs.  Have them vote and send the individual tallies for each design to Deanna.   We will sell t-shirts and sweatshirts with the winning design on them.

Students:  The Steller Talent show is on Friday, January 20th.  Auditions will be held Wednesday Jan. 11th after school in the MPR.  Talk to Leigh Anne or Deanna if you have questions.

If you want to be in the ski/snowboard intensive you must pick up a packet from Jen and have the class fee paid for and the paperwork filled in by Tuesday, January 10th (deadline was extended from this Friday)

Seniors are you working on your teacher skits for the talent show?  Make sure you get approval from both Jen and Leigh Anne.  Also if you are doing a skit about a teacher you need prior knowledge and permission from the teacher.

Great job with the Food Drive…Steller collected over 1,200 pounds, more than 200 pounds over our goal.

Congratulations to Svetlana’s Advisory Group…they collected the most and will have pizza for lunch this week.

We’ll let you know what day as soon as soon as possible.



2nd Semester AG Schedule

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The AG schedule for 2nd Semester is now available.  Click Here.