Strategic Plan Committee Meeting – Jan 15

by Admin on January 7th, 2008
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The Strategic Plan Committee is meeting Tuesday, Jan 15, at 3:45 pm in Danielle’s room. This group has been organizing our all-school meetings and renewal process. The purpose of the meeting is to review action plans on Orientation, Advisory Groups, and Staff Development based on the discussions at the last all-community meeting. These three plans will then be taken to student, staff and parents, and to the next all-community meeting, on January 31. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in our committee meetings. For more information, or to get on the email list for committee announcements and minutes, contact Charles Wohlforth (; 274-2271). Press ‘Read the rest of this entry’ to read the notes from the December 7, 2007 meeting.

Meeting Notes December 4, 2006

Steller Strategic Planning Committee

(This is the new name of our group!)

In attendance: Karin P., Larry N., Rebecca B., Joe B., Charles W.

Numerous people wanted to attend but could not due to conflicts. Notice also got out late. We decided on a course of action leading to another meeting when we might have better attendance.

Over the next month:

Notes from the three discussions at the Nov 14 all-community meeting will be edited into planning documents. Each document will be structured with goals broken down into objectives broken down into tasks. Other, non-priority ideas will also be included at the end of the document. These are intended to be specific enough to become part of a plan the school can execute this spring of by next fall.

Orientation: Larry will edit the document Charles already drafted and then they will circulate with others who attended that group, especially students.

Advisory Groups: The notes were not very detailed from this group. Karin will integrate them with notes from last spring’s efforts by staff and students into a new document that other members of that committee can review for comment.

Staff Development: The notes from the Nov 14 meeting are not available. Rebecca will coordinate with Barbara W., Ken V. and Gary S. to recreate what happened at the meeting and develop a planning document (goals and objectives, etc.)

Week of January 14:

Our group (now renamed the Steller Strategic Planning Committee) will meet at Steller to review, edit and approve the three planning documents. We need everyone to weigh in on the best day during that week.

Second half of January:

Staff and Op Group will receive and work with the documents we have produced and make recommendations for the next all-community meeting.

January 31:

All-Community meeting. Final discussion and approval of our planning documents, as well as presentation of a report from our delegates to the CES Conference.

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