Winter Intensives 2010

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Healing Arts and Wellness


Explore a variety of healing arts, ranging from yoga, relaxation and breathing techniques, reflexology, massage, ayurveda (the ancient Indian science of life,) color therapy, art therapy, and more.  Enjoy healthy tonics like miso soup and herbal teas.  Students will also explore a health and wellness topic of their choice to share with the group. No experience is necessary.  All you need is an open mind and comfortable clothing.

Drama/Theater Intensive


This Intensive will be focused on writing, producing, and acting in original student pieces. All of the writing, casting, and practicing will be done in the two week period of the Intensive.

The subject matter will be a variation on a theme. An idea will be put forth and the writers will develop the particulars from there. It is up to the groups to bring the visions to the stage.  To ensure quality, you must be able to work through coordination and cooperation with others.

Here is your chance to create something unique with your peers and experience the final product of your imagination.

Credit Earned: Speech/Drama credit, English Elective credit, Elective credit

Fees: $0+ ***Determined by students if they want costumes, sets, props, etc.***

Ski and Snowboard Intensive

Natalie, Philip, Danielle

Grade Level:  7-12

Course Length: 2 weeks
This intensive is offered in conjunction with Alyeska Resort’s Mountain Learning Center. Students will spend the first half of the day in group lessons, which are offered at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. The second half of the day, students will be able to ski/ride on their own. The estimated cost this year is between five and six hundred dollars, which covers instruction, lift tickets, gear rentals and the bus ride to and from Alyeska each day. The cost will be less for students who have season passes and/or their own equipment.

Credit Count: Physical education elective



We will be redoing all the wooden furniture – benches, table etc, in the lounge.  If time allows, and it should, students will be able to choose from other projects to complete. Projects could include cutting boards, wooden ornaments, birdhouses, chessboards etc.

Cost would be based on the type and number of projects a student elects to complete.

Film Studies – Classic Film Directors


Classic film directors are the artists behind the camera. They leave their own distinctive stamp on their work. We’ll be looking at some of the best classic movie directors and their work. We’ll look at directors such as John Huston whose main subject was often an odd, perhaps obsessed, individual lacking self-understanding and his effect on a group of very different people as he leads them on a doomed quest (such as Ahab in Moby Dick or Dobb in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre) and the lone self-aware individual who manages to survive the quest. Huston had great respect for the man who retains his dignity no matter what he faces. That’s Huston. And we’ll discover the works of Hitchcock, Wilder, and others as well. (Must have R-rated Permission)

English Elective Credit

Horror Films Intensive


This intensive will look into the different types of horror films.  We will discuss different topics such as what makes a movie a “horror film”, why people find being scared entertaining, and strategies producers used when creating a horror film.  We will watch and learn about horror films throughout history to see how horror has changed over time.  We will be meeting before the class to discuss possible discussion topics as well as move titles. The class will consist of watching horror films, group discussions, individual reflections, and research into the history behind the movies as well as the development of fear.


Class Fee:  $10

Credit:  Elective Elective .25

Winter Intensive


Grade Level: 8-12, 7th graders with instructor permission

Alaska is a winter wonderland for those courageous enough to brave the elements and it offers some incredible experiences. In this class, we’ll take advantage of the ice and snow to do some cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and winter camping. The winter camping segment will include at least three days experiencing the Alaskan outdoors in Eagle River Valley.

As a lead-in to these activities, we’ll spend a couple of days learning how to deal with some of challenges of the winter elements like hypothermia and frostbite. A primer on avalanche safety will also be included as well as clinics on proper clothing, ski preparation and waxing. Since it is important to “fuel the furnace”, we’ll also learn how to eat for the elements.

You will need access to cross country skis, ice skates, snowshoes, and winter gear appropriate for the conditions. You can also rent some gear from REI, AMH, or any other outdoor gear outlet. For those of you interested in trying out some activities that will increase your appreciation of the Alaskan winter, this is a great opportunity. P.S. It’s also a lot of fun!

Credit: Physical Education or Elective

Fiber Arts – An Exploration of Wooly Ways

Leigh Anne

Are you interested in spending two weeks learning about various fiber arts forms that use wool?  Do you like doing hands on projects and arts and crafts?  Do you like being in intensives where you get to do lots of different activities?  If you answered yes to any of the following questions, this might be the Intensive for you.

In this class, students will learn how to spin, knit, dye, weave, wet and needle felt, and crochet.  Students will make a felted animal; knit a hat or neck warmer; spin, dye, and crochet coasters; make and use a drop spindle; weave small bags; and wet felt flowers.  Students will also focus on one fiber technique of their choosing and create a final project. This class is designed for students of all skill levels from total beginners to competent fiber artists and knitters.

Students will leave with all their finished projects to either keep or give away as holiday gifts.  They will also have the tools to continue working with fiber, including knitting needles and a drop spindle. A typical day will consist of instructional time, where a new technique will be taught, and individual work time, where students can work to finish projects.

This class will be taught by Leigh Anne and her mom, Joni, who is an expert spinner, dyer, and knitter.

**Come see examples of completed projects in Leigh Anne’s room or on Wednesdays in the student lounge.

Credit:  Art Elective

Zangle Course Title: Art Crafts

Cost: $45 + Final project supplies

Spa Recipes


Students will learn the science behind the making of spa recipes.  They will crystallize their own salts and gather data to make their recipes marketable to the consumers.

The course will also include how to package the product to attract the interest of the consumers.

CLASS FEE:  $25.00

Temple of the Bean


Elective/Elective credit

Applied Economics (upon approval)

Grades 9-12

This intensive will investigate the possibility of reviving the Steller espresso bar.

Students will

… design/produce advertising materials to promote the café

… develop an operating budget for the café

… learn basic accounting techniques and practices

… write and publish an Employee Handbook

… develop an operating schedule / work shifts

… study and understand safe food handling practices

… apply for their food handlers card

… attend ‘Kaladi University’ or similar program to learn to be a barista

Comedy Improv


Have you ever been called a class clown?  Are you the one who is always making your friends laugh?  This might be an intensive you’d enjoy.  We will be doing sketch comedy and improvisation similar to the TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway.  The intensive will involve working with the whole class as well as working in small groups to develop skits and practice improvisation.   Each small group will present skits to the class at intervals throughout the intensive.  Be aware: in order to receive credit for this intensive, you will be expected to perform in front of a group on several occasions.

Language Arts credit

Fee: 5$

Digital Photography


Co-instructor – Spencer Mitchel, recent Steller graduate with the passion for photography.

Course introduces students to basic and advanced techniques and principles of utilizing digital cameras.

Come and learn:

  • How to improve images by controlling both the composition, subject matter, and camera settings.
  • How to transfer images to your computer.
  • Image editing techniques for cropping, removing red eye, and making brightness and contrast adjustments.
  • Strategies and tools for managing your picture collection.
  • How to choose the right digital camera and accessories to fit your needs and budget.
  • How to take professional-looking photos with good framing, subject matter, and lighting.
  • How to choose appropriate resolution, compression, and file format settings for your needs.

Also, learn to use and share your images in print and electronically; by e-mail and on the web. Image transfer, editing and adjustment will be covered as well as managing your image collection.

Class Fee: $5

Grades: 7- 12

Credit Count: Elective



I have been offered an opportunity that I could not say no to. Jim Lanier a musher on the Iditarod said that he would teach the kids to mush.

So I got to thinking, although we can not be running his dogs all day every day there is still a lot of wonderful information we can cover on dog mushing.

There is the history of the Iditarod; there is all the care and up-keep of the dogs, the politics and etc.

I haven’t put it all together yet but the idea is to learn to mush and hear from the people that know how. Hear their stories of the trail and what it takes to be a professional.

Also get some hands on experiences with the real thing.

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