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by Admin on December 26th, 2010
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H. Green

On behalf of Steller staff, we all wish you a safe and happy holiday season.  May the New Year be one of peace and joy that you share with friends and family.

As we prepare for the up coming break keep in mind that attendance now is never more important.  As the semester ends students will need to complete and turn in any missing assignments, they will need to study for their final exams as well as prepare themselves mentally for full participation in whatever Intensive they signed up for.

I had the pleasure of working with 3 committees that worked on our school’s SAP [School Action Plan] and the PIP [Parent Involvement Plan]. The three committees consisted of a staff contingency, a parent contingency and a student contingency.  Each committee worked very hard to produce what we think is a quality document.  I have place copies of this document on the FLASH and the Steller School Website as well as publishing a copy in this newsletter.

If you are a Junior or a Sophomore be aware that the WorkKeys exam results should arrive in January sometime.  Please keep watch on the FLASH for announcements of work sessions hosted by John for the purpose of interpreting each of your results.  For any Seniors that are interested in taking the WorkKeys the District is offering a onetime opportunity to take the WorkKeys for free on January 27th.  See John if you are interested in taking advantage of this great opportunity.  For our Seniors it is worth noting that if you plan on attending a career and technical program after graduation you may qualify for the new Alaska Performance Scholarship with a score of 5 or better on the WorkKeys.  I have published an informational sheet on the Alaska Performance Scholarship, which contains information that outlines SAT/ACT score minimums and GPA minimums for qualifying for this scholarship if you plan on attending college after graduation in this newsletter.  If you have additional questions please see John.

Also, please keep in mind that December 16th is the last day of school for the first semester, please help your child to remember to turn in any missing assignments or projects prior to this date.

Finally, I would like to thank Steller teachers for a wonderful and productive first semester, to acknowledge our parent volunteers for all of their hard work supporting our school, to praise our Building Plant Operator, JayBee for an amazing job of keeping our building in top condition, Elizabeth for an absolutely superhuman job in our front office, our Special Ed TAs for their hard work and Ferny for making our building sparkle.  To all of you I wish the merriest of holidays and the happiest of New Years.

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