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by Admin on February 3rd, 2011
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Winter Prom is Saturday, Feb 5!  This is a reminder that Steller dances adhere to the ASD dress code as stated below.  See you there!  Viking Hall 8-12:00.

All participants in a Steller sponsored dance must follow the Anchorage School District dress code {ASD], as address in the Student Handbook.

Students are not allowed to wear clothing (T-shirts, hats, etc) that display obscenity, profanity, sexual innuendoes;  or pictures that promote or glamorize drugs, tobacco and alcohol, or disrupts student learning and/or the educational process.  This also includes garments with pictures of drugs, tobacco and alcohol or any related paraphernalia.  Clothing that allows for indecent exposure is also prohibited.  For example: clothing that displays the abdomen/navel, midriff, chest (excessive cleavage), dresses follow the “finger tip rule” which is typically no more than 4 inches above the knees, or that allows underwear to show, etc.

If a student arrives at the dance with clothing that does not follow the ASD policy will be asked to:  either change or leave.  Inappropriate attire will not be allowed at the dance.

Chaperones and staff members will be present and behavior that violates ASD policy, such as inappropriate dancing, will result in removal from the dance and a ban from the next dance.  Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: Moshing, Grinding, Freak Dancing, Slamming, or the use of drugs or alcohol.

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