Advisory Board October Minutes and Proposed Dec. Agenda

by Admin on December 1st, 2011
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If anyone has anything to add to the December Ad Board Meeting Agenda, please let Madeleine Henderson know  Thanks.

Ad Board Meeting

Proposed Agenda  Thursday, December 8, 2011

I.  Call to Order

II.  Attendance & Quorum

III.  Approval of Agenda

IV.  Approval of October Minutes

V.  Reports

A.  Principal

B.  Staff

C.  Parent Group

D,  Op Group

VI.  Old Business

VII.  New Business

1.     Election of new parent co chair

2.     Report from Steller Auction

a. Discuss developing a procedure for disbursing the auction money

VII.  Announcements

December 9th 2011 December Dance

December 14 2011 Parent Group Meeting

December 16th 2011 End of 2nd quarter  In Service day

December 19 2011-January 2 2012 Winter Break

X.  Adjourn


Advisory Board – October 8, 2011

Notes taken and typed by Denise Flake

I.          Call to Order at 6:45 pm    Quorum = 15

II.        Agenda and September minutes approved.

III.       Reports

A.  Principal – Has a new desk and laptop that are an excellent fit.  The computer lab was refreshed by             ASD, the old computers were distributed for classroom use.  15 chemistry books have       been     ordered.              If book fines are not paid students will not be able to attend dances, fines are now being paid.  Parent             teacher conferences are 10/26 and 10/27.  Grades will be out on Zangle next Tuesday.  We have    submitted 3 legislative grants to include; additional teaching space, reduced carbon imprint, a climbing            wall and new lighting.

B.  Staff – Second semester schedule is progressing.  The advisory groups are going to have a vote on             whether or not to move the intensives to the end of the semester.

C.  Parent group – Minutes are on the Flash.

D.  Op group – Approved $50.00 for new mural.  Advisory groups have voted in favor of Root Down.

IV.       Old business – None.

V.         Root Down

A.  This is advertised as healthy eco-friendly lunches delivered to the school at $5.00 per lunch.  Parents and students would order online.  Steller is not involved at all in the ordering process.

B.  The school would have to put a distribution system in place.  Possibly having advisory groups             rotate through delivering lunches.  Packaged food can be passed out by students.  Dale requested a          trial run to make certain that the staff and students are not overburdened getting lunches to students.

C.  The containers the lunches are served in are bio-degradable, but are not really compostable.  Also        the meals themselves are only about 10% organic, but this is still better than what is offered through ASD.  The point that healthy meals, even if not completely organic or compostable, are better than nothing.

D.  At this time we are not certain of the reliability of Root Down’s management and owner.  We             would also need to verify that the company has the proper business licensing and food workers cards.

E.  Lorryn request that we re-present this to the students due to the fact that we have received a lot of             additional information that the students weren’t aware of when they voted in favor of Root Down             previously.

F.  A committee was formed to research different hot lunch programs.  The members of the committee     are; Lorryn Wilhelm, Sam Miles, Abigail Wright and Daniel Joubert – students, Leigh Anne Bonney –             teacher, Dale Evern – principal, Jennifer Hall-Jones and Becky Harrison-Drake – parents.

VI.       Announcements

October 14 – in-service day.

October 19 – parent group meeting.

October 21 – school dance.

October 26 & 27 – parent/teacher conferences.

October 28 – in-service day.

November 10 – advisory board meeting, Ken’s room, 6:30pm.

November 12 – Steller auction.  Saturday, 6 – 10pm in the MPR.

VII.     Adjourn at 7:45pm


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