Ad Board December Meeting Notes

by Elizabeth Wood on January 13th, 2012
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Advisory Board – December 8, 2011

Notes taken and typed by Denise Flake

I.          Call to Order at 6:37 pm    Quorum = 20

II.        Agenda and October minutes approved.

III.       Reports

A.  Principal –  Blaine’s is a new business partner and will be sponsoring an art show in March.  Wednesday there will be a follow-up round table discussion on drugs.  Changing the dark room into a seminar/meeting room has been added to the legislative grant.

B.  Staff – Intensive descriptions are out.  Registering for them will be on 1-9-12.  Financial aid is available.

C.  Parent Group –   The Parent Group needs a secretary.  $12,152.48 in revenue from the auction money to be distributed by Ad Board.  Parent group meetings to be moved to the week before Ad Board.

D.    Op Group – Proposal to amend the intensive requirement that students can’t be in the same intensive 2 consecutive years.  If the student is moving up a level and learning something new it would be okay to repeat an intensive.

IV.       Old business – None.

V.          New business -

A.  Election of a new parent co-chair.

Motion to move Madeleine from voting member to alternate and Brian Lax from alternate to voting member.  Brian Lax nominated for co-chair position.  Motion passed unanimously.

Motion to elect Brian Lax to parent co-chair.  Motion passed unanimously.

B.  Auction revenue dispersal.

Revenue for dispersal is $11,200 this year.  Previous years dispersals went to; yearbook, tech, travel intensives, intensive scholarships and general/project fund.  Much discussion about the general/project fund and how it should be dispersed followed.

Motion to disperse funds to:  yearbook – 4%, travel intensives – 45%, general/project fund – 51%

with Lauren and Emily to write a proposal on how to disperse from the general/project fund.  Motion passed unanimously.

VI.       Announcements

January 12 – all community meeting

February 2 – advisory board meeting, Ken’s room, 6:30pm.

VII.     Adjourn at 8:08pm

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