AG Notes 1/23/12

by Elizabeth Wood on January 23rd, 2012
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7th graders – Please finish up your letters to your future self this week.  We will meet next Tuesday, Jan.31 at noon in Ashley’s room.

Steller Visitor Policy

1.     Parents of Steller students and Alumni are welcomed anytime before, during and after school

2.     Anyone who visits the school must check in at the office, and sign in on the visitor computer.

3.     A Steller student may arrange to sponsor a student visitor with prior written approval of all the teachers involved, the Steller Principal, the visitor’s parent or guardian, and the visitors home school.  This approval must be given no later than 24 hours prior to the class.

4.     The Principal or any staff member may refuse anyone the right to visit and may ask anyone who is visiting to leave.


Signup for guests for the Winter Prom ends tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th at noon. NO EXCEPTIONS!

There will be a mandatory 8th grade class meeting in Danielle’s room tomorrow at noon.

During next week members of the “Battle of the Book” can come to  a library every lunch to practice answering questions.

Mandatory meeting is on Wednesday  (01/ 25/12) at noon in the library.

At lunchtime we will be duct-taping Dale to the wall in the hall. Please see Nurse Anne first. You will receive a yard of duct tape for a dollar donation to the Pennies for Patients Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fund drive.

Josten’s will be here at the beginning of lunch only today for students to have their pictures taken for their school id’s.  This will be the last time that they will come.

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