OP Group Notes 9/15/11

by Elizabeth Wood on September 16th, 2011
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I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report - $1721.99

IV.     New Business

  1. Dance Proposal- Jen/Troy Alice in Wonderland Theme dance- tabled due to confusion. 26/0/1
  2. Student Advisory Board- Op group elected three reps to attend Student Advisory Board
  3. Steller Acro Club- A proposal was brought forth to create a club- tabled due to needed forms were not filled out. 27/0/0
  4. Mural Proposal- Krystal will hang a poster of a mural for 2 weeks in the hall for feedback. 27/0/0
  5. Name the Computer labs- sent to AG’s 27/0/0

V.     Reports

  1. Staff- Intensives feedback was talked about at the staff meeting
  2. Principal- None
  3. Parent Group- None

VI.     Announcements- Neon Dance September 23.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing reps: Middle School: Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Jennifer, Natalie and Alysha, Philip. High School Danelle

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