OP Group Notes 10/20/11

by Elizabeth Wood on October 21st, 2011
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I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of Agenda

III.     Treasurer’s Report - $2,194.49

IV.     Old Business

  1. Krystal’s Mural was approved
  2. Intensive dates were changed according to the proposal.

V.     New Business


VI.     Reports

  1. Principal- Dale went to a principal meeting and learned a lot. If students are caught with drugs or under the influence of drugs, they will be subjected to a 10 day suspension. The suspension can be brought down to 5 days if you take a 5 day class on drugs for $45.
  2. Staff – Student lead conferences on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Remember to put work in your portfolios.
  3. Parents- None

VII.     Announcements

  1. Student lead conferences this week make sure you sign up.
  2. Auction on November 12. Please have baskets done by November 8th.

VIII.     Adjourn

Missing reps-

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