OP Group Notes 11/3/11

by Elizabeth Wood on November 4th, 2011
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I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2194.49

IV.     New Business

  1. Utensil discussion- Should Steller still buy plastic silver wear? If yes, should they get compostable (more expensive) or plastic silver wear (less expensive)? Please discuss in AG’s
  2. Spirit Week this week Nov. 7-11- see posters for themes passed 19-0-0

V.     Reports

  1. Staff- Registration for 2nd semester is scheduled for Dec. 2nd.  Ad Board on Nov. 10th
  2. Principal- Thursday night activity night will be temporarily discontinued. Dale went to a general leadership meeting. We need to start getting more parents connected to Steller

VI.     Announcements

  1. Auction is Nov. 12. Baskets should be done by Nov. 8th.  Freshmen please show up.
  2. The Lounge stereo is broken and Wright is trying to find a new one, please see him on if you can donate one or have any information on where we can get one.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing Reps: Middle School- Danelle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Jennifer, Ken, Leigh Anne, Natalie and Alysha, Svetlana, and Troy.

High school- Gerald, Lee, and Leigh Anne

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