OP Group Notes 11/10/11

by Elizabeth Wood on November 11th, 2011
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I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $2373.68

IV.     Old Business

  1. Utensil discussion- there was more information brought up at OP group. It costs 3 cents each for compostable silverware and 2.5 cents for plastic silverware. Also, should it cost people to use the silverware? Please discuss a. what kind of silverware should be bought? and b. should it cost people to use the silverware?

V.     New Business

a.   Sean Kelly-

Whereas I am planning to put on a play for my passage.

Whereas I have worked very hard to get money for this play.

Whereas to rent the rights for the play I need to pay a $400 security deposit fee.

Therefore be it resolved that op-group should lend me $400 for the security deposit, to be paid back in late April after the play is complete.

b.   Joe Banta- The Issue: Steller needs to compete for alternative education students!

- Why? Because there are lots of other alternative schools and programs in ASD

Because not everyone has heard of Steller and how great it is!

Because we need a certain number of students to keep teachers

Some ideas about how to draw in alternative education students …,

- Market Steller!

Show off what a great school it is and the opportunities that it provides
How? Some ideas to showcase who we are and what students get
to do here

  • student videos,
  • essays,
  • interviews that we can put on the Steller website
  • Other ideas?

How can you help?

- Join the Market Steller Work Group (you could come up with a better name … )

- make a video with friends about the opportunities Steller has given you

- write an essay

- join the web team and make the website look cool

- who knows – think of something!

c.    Attendance Officer position- Kyrie was elected as the new Attendance Officer

d.   Saleem AASG-


Whereas the Alaska Association of Student Governments (AASG) is a student lead biannual
leadership conference

Whereas all Alaskan high schools should be represented by delegates at the two conferences

Whereas I was Steller’s voice in debating and voting upon important resolutions from schools

all across the state

Whereas I was the singular delegate representing Steller Secondary, amongst more than 50 other

schools represented at the recent fall conference at Service nigh School

Whereas the experience I gained from the conference has given me the know how to create and

present resolutions for our school at the next AASG conference

Whereas these resolutions can potentially better the educational experience of everyone of us

Whereas the cover charge for me to attend the meeting as a delegate representing our school was


I propose that Op Group reimburse my family with this money, showing that we all appreciate

our school’s representation at the statewide conference.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Auction is Nov. 12. Baskets should be done by Nov. 8th.  Freshmen please show up.
  2. The Lounge stereo is broken and Wright is trying to find a new one, please see him on if you can donate one or have any information on where we can get one.

VII.     Adjourn

Missing Reps: Middle School- Bob, Danelle, Danielle, Deanna and Claudia, Gerald, Jennifer, Ken, Leigh Anne, Natalie and Alysha, Philip, Svetlana

High school- Gerald, Jennifer, Leigh Anne, Svetlana


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