OP Group Notes 1/5/12

by Elizabeth Wood on January 6th, 2012
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I.     Call to Order

II.     Approval of agenda

III.     Treasurer’s report - $1923.68 (as of before winter break)

IV.     Old Business

a.   Intensive Policy Change

Proposal to Amend Intensive Policy

-Whereas: Currently, students are not allowed to take the same intensive twice in two years

-Whereas: there are many intensives (eg Frolf, ski/snowboard, photography, pottery, etc) that could further benefit the student if taken multiple times
-Whereas repeating the intensive as an intermediate or advanced learner will increase skill

-Whereas a two-year gap between intensives often times causes the student’s skill level to regress

- Therefore be it resolved: that a system be implemented that allows students to advance their skills by taking an intensive more than once in two years. If the student wishes to take an intensive again the next semester/year, they would be required to have the approval of their advisor, their parent, and the teacher of the intensive. The student would be required to fill out a form that explains how they would benefit from taking the intensive again, and then the advisor, parent and intensive teacher would sign it, agreeing that taking the intensive again would benefit the student.

b.   Souper Steller- starting on 1/13, there will be two different types of soup served at lunch on Fridays during the cold season. It will most likely end at spring                  break. It will be free to students and staff. Donations are accepted and all extra money will go to the Salvation Army.

c.   ACM on Thursday- The agenda will go: Introductions, Elementary school visitations, John- testing, appropriate clothing, break out sessions (SDL,                             recruitment, turn it in, community involvement), probation travel policies, home work in Jen’s room after school, and the talent show.

V.     Reports

a.   Principal- Peter Alwood is coming to Steller to talk about drugs (this already happened) Dale is looking into making the dark room into a seminar room.                      There will be further discussion on that. Dale would like to see student involvement in the ACM. Founders Day is coming up in February.

b.   Staff- Intensives are out. Ashley’s intensive will have a $10 fee. Intensive scholarship forms are available if needed. Staff is working on the probation                            policy. Staff meetings are open to everyone who wants to go.

VI.     Announcements

  1. Prom is coming up soon
  2. ACM on Thursday
  3. Intensives sign up today

VII.     Adjourn

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