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by Elizabeth Wood on February 16th, 2012
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Parents and Students,


I am planning a psycho-educational study group for adolescent girls starting March 20th immediately after school. After talking with Steller students, I come to the conclusion that groups such as this have acquired the reputation of being for students who have “issues.” That is NOT the intent of this group at all. I want to dispel that belief. Consequently, I have chosen a fun topic that everyone can benefit from.
The group will focus on motivational styles – how they can be applied to us, and others. Next year we can consider tackling more serious topics (dating, drugs, etc.).  The proposed study group is based on a 2009 book entitled Get Motivated.  If you are interested in finding out more go to or purchase the book.  The initial activities will involve taking a short quiz designed to determine each participant’s motivational style.  The author has over 20 years of research and personal experience working with thousands of people across the globe. Her book and motivational test are the results of this experience. Learning what most motivates us can help to facilitate success in school, careers, relationships and other areas of life. The information is both interesting and entertaining. It is fun to find out about ourselves and learn how we can use that information.
In the group we will talk about different combinations of motivational styles, take the Motivational DNA test (drives, needs and values), share the information with others and talk about how we can use it. Through the seminars her company puts on, the author has gotten to know such renounced celebrities as Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell, Ronald Reagan, Joe Montana, Mother Theresa, etc. She talks about their motivational styles, as well as what demotivates them.
I will need a commitment from the group members to stay with the group until its completion (six weeks). It is disruptive to be present one week and not another. I also would also like the participants to become familiar with a more confidential group mode. This is a benign topic, however, with the intent of eventually having more serious groups, I will emphasize group rules such as confidentiality, i.e., “What is here, stays here.” We will go over group rules every session until the groups is familiar with them.
If, as a student or the parent of a student, you feel this group could be beneficial, please complete the attached form and return ASAP. I must have parental consent for participation. The group will last from 45 minutes to an hour. We can start immediately after school on March 20th. The group will continue for a total of six weeks.  I am receptive to your thoughts or concerns. Please contact me at 742-4963.


Anne McCarron, RN
Steller Secondary School Nurse

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