Parent Group Meeting

by Elizabeth Wood on May 1st, 2012
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Note from Parents to Parents


Please see the attached Parent Group Notes from our last meeting.  Thanks so much to Secretary Kathryn Grundhauser and Treasurer Rebecca Martin for their unending dedication!

Highlights you’ll want to know include:

  • CALENDAR~ Key dates for the end of this year in one place.  They will also be on the Steller Website soon.  Also, see suggestions regarding the line-up for next year’s calendar, including next year’s FUNdraisor of the year- the auction.  If you are an 8th grade family, expect a warm invitation to participate in an organizational meeting before summer!
  • Souper Steller ~  Don’t miss out.  Check out the innovative plan for next year and how EVERY family is welcome to participate in this fun community lunch opportunity on Thursday afternoons or Fridays at lunch (even working parents can easily come, feel useful, get engaged in something your student is doing, and back in the office chair in an hour!!)
  • Finances ~ See where the Parent Group is spending your money to support student success.
  • Although this meeting took place the night of the tragic shooting across the street, we managed to come together as a community to continue our support for students. Our leaders Dale and Ken were present to help us feel safe and keep constant communication going to help us to know when it was safe to leave the building.

Parents, your engagement with Steller truly makes a difference.  Along with actively encouraging your student to respect lifelong learning by asking what they thought about and what happens at Steller every day, feel free to come in and see for yourself.  If you are not sure when and where would be the best time, ask Joe or Alyse and we will help get you started in the right direction so that you feel comfortable and know that you are welcome.  There is no doubt that your positive engagement and time results in higher student success. Thanks so much for all you do! and

Click here to download Parent Group Meeting Minutes 4/18/12


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