End of Year Message from the Principal

by Elizabeth Wood on May 16th, 2012
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Hello Steller Community,

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.  In looking back, we have covered a lot of ground, and our students are ready for a break from academic life.  Hopefully, the summer will bring them all the rest and recreation they deserve.  I’m sure you are due an equal amount of rest and a break form the daily grind.

This year, we have seen growth in many areas of concern.  We have worked hard to consolidate our practices and philosophy as a building by making sure we have accurate records of our policies.  We have instituted a Passages program that shows how important it is to us to follow our own philosophy of being self-directed and community oriented.  We have instituted a Homework center after school to help students on probation and on plans for success.  Lastly, we have also had many seventh hour programs that have helped our students stay focused and active.

We have had three National Merit Finalists in our building, two State Science Fair winners, two Presidential scholarship winners, and recently, we have had a Grand Champion in the National Portrait Gallery Teen Portrait Competition at the Smithsonian Institute (Micky Mann).  Our students have accomplished a lot.

Our building will be going through some small renovations this next year.  We received a grant to turn the old dark room into a Seminar teaching room.  Though we didn’t receive a grant to help us plan a Greenhouse and Teaching space, we will move forward in seeking funds.  We did receive some new equipment in our weight room that makes it safer for students.  We will continue to work on making our building a better place for all students.

Again, I want to thank all of the parents and staff for creating a work environment that is beneficial for students.  They are the reason we’re all here, and they can reach great heights with our support.  I hope you all have a wonderful summer.



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