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by Elizabeth Wood on May 30th, 2012
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Announcing: a special ANCHORAGE SCIENCE PUB at 6:00 pm on TUESDAY, June 12, 2012, at Cyrano’s (413 D Street).  Topic—NASA’s Kepler Mission to Find Potentially Habitable Planets.   Scientists from NASA’s Kepler Mission, in town for the annual American Astronomical Society’s conference, will present their latest findings. NASA’s Discovery Mission 10 continues the centuries-old and intensely excitement quest to find other planets similar to Earth which may support life. The mission is surveying the hundreds of billions of stars in our region of the Milky Way galaxy to determine thefraction of the hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets with “habitable zone,”-where liquid water might exist on the surface of the planet.  The presentation, including photos and video taken from the spacecraft, is sure to interest all ages, so bring the kids!

Cyrano’s has no admission fee (donations welcome) but seating is limited. Come early to purchase refreshments and compete in a science trivia contest with a prize for the winning team. Anchorage Science Pub is a local not-for-profit designed to stimulate interest in science through brief, entertaining presentations on interesting science topics at local venues. Welcome are folks with no science background, self-identified “science geeks,” and everyone in between, but especially those with curiosity and a sense of humor.  Visit our Facebook page.  For more details or info on being a Presenter, email  <>

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