Save Lee, Save Steller!!! School Board Meeting , Monday, June 11, 6:30.

by Admin on June 6th, 2012
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School is out and people have moved into summer mode but we still need to keep our passion and energy going toward our commitment to do all that we can to keep our art teacher, Lee Weiland, at Steller.  We had an amazing turnout at the School Board Meeting on May 21 with  close to 25  students and parents testifying and a total of 50-60 students, teachers and parents showing their support.  It certainly made me proud to be part of such a passionate and committed community.  Decisions are still being made and it is imperative that we keep our issue in front of the School Board.

All those who testified did an excellent job of describing how deeply Lee has affected Steller in such a short time and in sharing what a great teacher and person he is.  This time we need to keep making the point that Steller is an exceptional school and that an exception to the lay off policies needs to be made in our case.  During the testimonies two weeks ago, the students repeatedly pointed out that Steller is not just a school to them, it is like a family.  Displacing someone that has become such a valued member of our family/community will be devastating to our program.

Please keep the pressure on.   Go to to get email addresses for all of the school board members and to sign up to testify.  Write a letter to each member, even if it is a short one.  They have to read them!  Even if you don’t plan to speak, plan to come to the meeting and support those who do.  A big turnout is very impressive.  (At the last meeting, one of the students who was testifying asked all of the people who were at the meeting to support Lee to stand.  There were stunned gasps from the crowd at the number of people who were there and our students were front and center occupying the first 4 or 5 rows.) Parents encourage your students to come and bring some of their friends.  Students encourage your parents to come.

The Anchorage Daily News quoted from Bridget Galvin’s testimony at the May 21 meeting saying, “We won’t stop until we get him back.”  Let’s all join in her resolve.  See you at the meeting!


Rebecca Johnson

Parent Group



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