Steller Community ~ Be the Change~ 2012 Volunteer Fair

by Rebecca Johnson on August 20th, 2012
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Have you ever wondered how to get involved in helping others?  Have you wanted to make a difference but don’t know where to start?  Did you get bored this summer and wish you had something meaningful to do?  Do you wish you could have the opportunity to do something that could make a difference?  During school on Friday August 24th all students will learn about volunteer opportunities that will give them a sense of purpose, provide them with valuable hands-on experiences they can build on for their futures into adulthood, and ignite the volunteer spirit in each one of us.   All Steller students will have the opportunity to learn how they can Be the Change in their communities and world!


Representatives from Anchorage Municipal Library, Anchorage Museum & Imaginarium, Anchorage Youth Court, AWAIC-Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis, Bean’s Cafe, Boys & Girls Club, Food Bank of Alaska, Kiva, Lions Club, Salvation Army,  Anchorage Senior Activity Center and Special Olympics will be sharing with students.  All students will attend four sessions of their choice, signups will be on Wednesday.  If students miss an organization that interests them we will have information to share with them after the fair.


By providing teens with useful roles in the community, both our young people and our community are enriched. Young people are given an outlet in which they can share their ideas, knowledge and creativity, therefore experiencing, first hand, the rewards of service to others. They also experience other non-parent adult role models within the organization in which they volunteer.

Be ready to find out more about your community and how you can make a difference in making it a better place to live!


For more information, or if you want to help students Be the Change please contact


Victoria Weindel

Student Volunteer Coordinator


Please Like us on Facebook StellerCommunityBeTheChange

Also check out the volunteer board at the entrance to the school for updates on opportunities for volunteering and highlights of Steller students in the community!


Want to learn more:


Current students and students taking passage classes this year are welcome to join us in the library (outside if it’s nice) after lunch while new students are registering and follow up with :


Taking The Next Step In Changing The World

How to Plan and Organize Your Own Change Project

It’s one thing to want to change the world, it’s quite another to do it.

Every positive change requires a small committed group

of people to work together to improve the community.

Learn the steps for creating the CHANGE that you’d like to make in

doing your own project or organizing your own event.

It all starts with you and your initiative, ideas, energy, creativity and

your plan of action. Learn how it’s done and get fired up about

taking the initiative to make Anchorage, Alaska and our country/world

a better place for all.


Steller is fortunate to have Beau Bassett facilitate the Taking The Next Step Training.

Beau is a Graduate of Dartmouth, Boston University(Ed.M.), Syracuse College of Law(J.D.)

Former Social Studies Teacher in the ASD, Adjunct Professor and Instructor at UAA &

APU,  Winner of the Daily Point of Light Award and in Hall of Distinction in his

high school.  Youth Leadership trainer in student volunteerism and PYLI community

leadership nationally for past 17 years with Prudential’s national Spirit of

Community Initiative.

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