End of Year letter from Reed

Graduation was a big success; Jean Poulsen was a wonderful guest speaker and it was fun to hear from the students on their big day.   The support of our community coming together to celebrate and socialize was wonderful. Thank you to all that were able to share in the celebration.  Parents, and graduates…. Congratulations!

Graduates, please remember to come get your diploma.  And remember to send in a pennant of your college or program if our office does not already have one hanging. (send one if you are not sure).

Summer is quickly approaching, End-Of-The-Year meetings are in full swing.  Advisors are sharing copies of our draft (perhaps final) class schedule.  The schedule will soon be posted.

The Steller Office will closed May 30th and reopen July 22nd.  I will be in and out of the building May 31th – June 12th and will be checking messages and my email.

Please save the date for the Fall, Back to School, Parent Group Bar B Que, August 15, 6pm.  Don’t miss it J

New to Steller students will be given an opportunity on August 13 or 14 to come to Steller with Jason and Becky for orientation with activities.

We had a fantastic year with amazing students and teachers.  We saw growth in responsible freedom, academic risk and a great deal of success.  The school was calm with vibrate energy.  Student behavior was positive and inviting. I was impressed with Passages projects, projects, art work, as well as the engagement observed in classes throughout the year.  Steller is a wonderful community.   Truly a Blue Ribbon Year!

I hope you all have a safe and exciting summer break.    Read something, and be active.


Steller High School Prom, “Secret Garden,” – Saturday, May 4, 2019

During an All Steller High School meeting after school, it was decided by the vast majority of the students in attendance, that the Steller High School Prom 2019, “Secret Garden,” will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019, at the Senior Center on 19th St. from 8:00pm -12:00am.

It was also determined that in order to ensure that the prom could take place, parents would need to sign up to chaperone and students would need to volunteer to help decorate the venue.  

We would like to thank all students who attended the impromptu meeting.  Thank you for sharing your ideas and opinions and for participating in true Steller form by respecting the opinions and ideas of others even though they may not be your own. 

We hope to see you all at the, “Secret Garden.”

Please note, if you are planning on bringing a guest who does not attend Steller Secondary, sign ups close at 4:00pm, Wednesday, May 1, 2019. 

All Community Meeting – Thur, April 25, 2019, 6:00pm-7:30pm

We would like to invite everyone in our Steller Community to attend the spring All Community Meeting, Thursday, April 25, 2019, from 6:00pm-7:30pm.  Students will present the Passage Projects they have been working on this semester and our students who attended our Ecuadorian Exchange Program will share their experiences.
Come and Support Our Steller Community!  

Substitute Teacher Open House – Nov 1, 5:30 pm

Save the Date: Anchorage School District
Substitute Teacher Open House

Thursday, November 1, 2018 5:30 p.m.

ASD is hiring Substitute Teachers. Are you interested in teaching for ASD but not sure what grade level or school is best for you? Are you recently retired and want to try something new? Or are you a recently retired teacher that misses working with students? Consider applying to be a Substitute Teacher at ASD.

ASD Substitute Teachers:
• Work a flexible schedule during the school year with summers off.
• Have options to work in different schools and grade levels.
• Are provided with lesson plans, tools, and support.
• Receive $150 payment for a full day of substitute teaching.

Substitute Open House Flyer.pdf

For more information or if you are interested in applying to be a substitute teacher, contact:
ASD Human Resources Department
Or apply online at www.asdk12.org/workforasd

Spring Conferences – Oct 24 & 25

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Fall conferences will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 24 and Thursday, Oct 25. These are student led conferences that include the student, parent/guardian(s), and the advisor. The focus for your fall conference will be to check your progress thus far, set goals for the rest of the year, review credit count sheets and progress towards graduation, and address any concerns that students and/or parents might have. 

Our goal is to have 100% attendance so all Steller students have the opportunity to show off their strengths and talk about areas they need to improve.

  1. Go to https://apps.asdk12.org/ConferenceScheduling2018/StudentScheduleStartExt.aspx
  2. Choose Steller as the school
  3. Choose 7th grade! (In order to work the system, all conferences are scheduled as 7th graders.)
  4. For Team Name, choose your student’s ADVISOR
  5. Choose the date you wish to come in
  6. Choose your time and continue through the process.
  7. You can sign up to receive a reminder email. 
If you need to cancel your appointment time, you will have to email your adviser. Thank you and see you soon!

conference half days

This is a friendly reminder to make arrangements for next week. Steller students will have a half day Wednesday, October 24th and Thursday, October 25th. Class will let out at 11:30am on those two days and students need to be off school grounds by 11:45am. 
Students are only to be in the building during their conference time and with their parent/guardian.