Sophomore Day additional info

I have had a request to post more specific information about the Sophomore Day schedule.  If the information below does not answer your questions, please call me for more specifics (742-4963). Here is the agenda.
From 9:15 – 11:15 A.W.A.I.C. and S.T.A.R. will give a presentation on healthy relationships and assault prevention. They will have a question-answer session afterward. Their questions will be related to services and where they can be located. There will not be talk about sex specifically, but they have agreed to talk about abstinence.
11:15 – 12:45 pizza lunch
From 11:45 – 12:45 the P.O.W.E.R. peer outreach presentation will be given. In the past they have talked about the services they provide at their clinic and safety issues, including the proper use of a condom.  Again, they are not promoting sexual activity, but rather preventative safety measures.
From 1:45-1:50 Drew Phoenix who works with Identity will talk about gender identity issues and tolerance.

Please Google information about Drew Phoenix and the above organizations. These speakers often give presentations in the community and again, all of them have spoken at Steller in the past.
If you need additional information do not hesitate to contact me.
Anne McCarron
Steller Secondary School Nurse

Free EpiPens

Parents, A fellow Steller parent discovered a website offering a manufacturer’s program for people who have severe allergies and use EpiPens. If you are the parent of an adolescent who has the potential for an anaphylactic reaction, please take a look at these sites and consider ordering a FREE EpiPen for him or her. As you know, EpiPens are expensive. I Googled and found it is not uncommon to pay $329 dollars for a set of two! I can understand a hesitancy to pay that much especially since they typically expire in a year or so. If you have not left an epi pen in the nurse’s office for school use and have an adolescent with an anaphylactic history or the potential for an anaphylactic reaction, please consider going on this website and ordering a free pen. Pass the word on to your friends who may have a child with severe allergies as well. **Please note you must have a doctor’s prescription in order to obtain your free EpiPens**

Nurse Anne


Emergency Supplies Donation Request **with Gift Matching thru Nov. 21**

Steller staff, students and parents,
This school year, I want to make certain our students have the supplies to help keep them safe in the event of a major disaster.  As a result, I’ve created an emergency supplies project request on a 501(c)3 charity website called

I’m asking for any donations possible for our students – no matter the size, it will help. This week only, any donation made (up to $100) to our “Emergency Supplies in Earthquake Alaska” project will be doubled! If you know people who are passionate about safety issues, please pass this along. Your tax-deductible donation can have a direct impact on all 270 students at Steller.

To have donations matched dollar for dollar, enter the promo code INSPIRE on the payment screen on This wonderful match offer only lasts through November 21, 2013, so please consider making a contribution. Your support is greatly appreciated.
Nurse Anne

Request for Cup O Noodles or other lunch donations, please

We’re getting low on Cup of Noodles. Many students are unprepared for lunch and take from the supply fairly frequently. We cannot always depend on Souper Steller every Friday so try to make certain your adolescents have money or their lunch every day. I immensely appreciate those parents who have donated items for students who do not bring a cup o noodleslunch. The Cup of Noodles seem to be the easiest to store, dispense and for the students to heat. I would appreciate more contributions the next time you are at Sams or Costco.

Thank you for thinking of those students who do not have lunch. Thank you for all that you do for the staff as well. The luncheon last month was wonderful!
Nurse Anne

Steller Student Flu Clinic Reminder

Reminder: Next Monday, September 16th, students who have a consent form on file will receive the flu mist vaccination here at Steller. A parent volunteer will help with the paperwork while I administer the nasal spray. A few students who cannot take the mist will instead receive the injection. If you have time, I would appreciate additional help. The more assistance I have, the less time students will be away from their classrooms.

If your adolescent received the vaccination elsewhere this season, please call and let me know. There is no need to waste resources. If you did not fill out a consent during registration and want your adolescent to receive the vaccination, either come by and fill one out a consent or call and I can fax one to you.

If you have reservations about the vaccination, please review the reputable, informative Mayo Clinic website.

Thank you for your attentiveness.
Nurse Anne

Anne M. McCarron, R.N. NBCSN
Steller Secondary
2508 Blueberry Rd.
Anchorage Alaska 99503
Main office (907) 742-4950
Nurse’s office (907) 742-4963
Fax (907) 742-4966

INSPIRE Souper Steller Donations!

Parents and Students,
I posted a request on DonorsChoose for funds to support our “Souper Steller” project. Unfortunately, to actually procure money or gift cards for food purchase was a HUGE ordeal. I will ask later when I figure all this out; however, for now, I simply requested funding for soup bowls and spoons. Below  is a very important email with a February 2nd deadline. If you spread the word or have your friends spread the word on Facebook, it will certainly help our cause. Make certain people donate by Saturday, February 2, 2013 and use the match code INSPIRE during checkout to DOUBLE their donations to our Souper Soup Project! (DonorsChoose advised that we not use the name of the school.) If we have all the supplies needed for serving, we can use the funds we currently have for food.

Please, please, please spread the word today! All the details are below. FYI, Alyse Galvin supplied the great picture for DonorsChoose of our kids eating soup.
Anne McCarron, Steller Nurse


Hi Anne,

Good news! Souper Soup Project In Anchorage Alaska(950962)<> is live and ready to receive donations.

Even better: our Board of Directors wants to kick start your project! For the next 7 days, when someone donates to your project and enters the code INSPIRE, we’ll match their donation dollar for dollar.

We bet you have friends and family who care about what you’re doing in your classroom. Give them an easy way to help:

1) Tell your network! Email and post on Facebook. Not sure how to ask? Use our sample language<> and your personalized Teacher Page:<>

2) Make sure people donate by February 2, 2013 and use the match code INSPIRE during checkout to double their donations to your project.

Questions? Read the full details about this offer.<>

Thanks for the hard work we know you do every day.

The Team

Cup of Noodles Needed!



I sent a notice out before the holidays requesting more Cup of Noodles for the nurse’s offices, but it didn’t make it to the Flash. If you could please help out, that would be great. The kids love the Cup of Noodles and although each cup has 1,190 mg of sodium and 6 g of saturated fat, there are far worse foods.  It is convenient and at least gets rid of the hunger pains. If there is anything else “relatively healthy” that you might want to drop off, that would be great too. Just bring it in to the Nurse’s Office.


Thanks for your help with keeping our students from being hungry. FYI, I have encouraged the students who come in frequently to make their lunch the night before. I always hear, “I didn’t have time to make my lunch this morning.” If they make lunch the night before and have it all packaged up, all they have to do is grab it!  For some reason, this never occurred to many of them!  : )


Thank you again,


Nurse Anne

Steller Secondary School Nurse

Nurse’s direct line – 742-4963


Important Vaccination Information from Nurse Anne


Starting in January, vaccines will no longer be supplied by the State of ALaska, except in children who are either Native Alaskan/American Indian, are covered by Medicaid or Denali Kid Care, or have no health insurance. Every provider who uses state supplied vaccines must abide by this new policy. This includes the pediatricians and all community based clinics.

If students are not in one of the above categories, they can still receive the vaccines at the pediatricians/practitioner’s office for a fee from their privately purchased stock. I contacted a primary care clinic and was informed that they charge $65 for the serum plus an administration fee of $45. That amounts to a total cost of  $110 for the tetanus injection.

If a student is underinsured, meaning they have health insurance but vaccines are not covered in part or in whole, the only providers that can administer them free of cost are Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center (257-4600) or the Municipal Health Dept. (343-4799).

If your adolescent needs a tetanus vaccination, now is the time to have it done if you want to avoid paying a fee. The muni has a walk in clinic Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1-5:30 and Friday 8-4:30 for anyone 18 and under. Help me get the word out about this.


Nurse Anne

Steller School Nurse

Direct line 907-742-4963

Fax 907- 742-4966

FluMist Vaccinations Oct. 5, No Shot Required


We were told that we would likely receive only a limited number of free flu vaccinations for students this year. They have already been offered to us and I have arranged for October 5th to be the day that I administer them. The flu vaccinations are free to any Steller students. Only the flu mist will be administered at school (no injections). I have requested 20 dosages, but can probably ask for a few more. Please complete the consent form in the attachment and fax to me (742-4966) or bring it in. If I have a consent on file, I will make certain your adolescent receives the flu mist.

Also,the blood bank is coming to Steller October 24th from 12:30 pm until 5:30 pm. This is the first day of parent-teacher conferences. In the past this has proven to be a good time for the blood drive. The consent for students is in the attachment as well. I just wanted to give a heads up for those parents/students who donate frequently. I would appreciate it if you can please wait and donate at Steller. Adolescents who are 16 or older can donate with parental consent if they weight at least 113 pounds. Call me to schedule a time for the blood donation if you or your adolescent is interested.

Last, but not least, Red Ribbon week is also the week of parent-teacher conferences. Since it is a short school week, I’m planning for speakers to come out and answer student’s questions the week before. The presentation is planned for after school Wednesday, October, 17th at 2:10. Please encourage your adolescent to attend.

If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to call me at 742-4963. Thank you for all you do for Steller.

Anne McCarron, RN

Steller School Nurse

Flu Mist Consent         Parental Consent Form