Monday’s graduation schedule

Hello graduates and their families!  You made it!!  Almost…

Take a minute to look over the schedule for Monday.  Particularly notice that the times are not flexible.

Monday’s schedule:
  *   7:00-8:30 – Senior breakfast
  *   8:30-10:00– Advisory Group (seniors doing hand prints until 9:00)
  *   10:00-11:00 – Class meetings (seniors leave for graduation)
  *   11:30-1:00 – Seniors to Wendy Williamson for a run through and chair setup.
        *   Chairs will be set up at THIS time.
        *   There will NOT be time to add chairs at 2:30
        *   I can’t stress this enough…DO NOT wait and bring them when we reconvene for the ceremony at 2:30.
  *   1:00-2:30 – Seniors must leave the building to get ready for the ceremony.  WW policy does not allow minors to hang out without adult supervision–there will be no adult supervision during this time!!
  *   2:30 – group pictures…don’t be late
  *   3:00 – Ceremony begins!!

See you there!