NAEP Testing for 8th Graders – February 6


This is a reminder that NAEP will take place at Steller Wednesday February 6th. Eight grade students will be tested in either Reading or Math and both tests are online.

There will be two test sessions, both in the MPR. The first group starts at 8:30 and will report to the MPR instead of their first hour class.

The second session starts at 11:30. Students need to bring a sack lunch and we will give them an early lunch break.

NO PHONES, SMART WATCHES, OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED. Please make sure to turn your phone off and leave it in your backpack or locker.

Students have received a note today about what session they are placed in (decided by the NAEP team) and they are asked to share the information with parents.

I have posted information about NAEP earlier, so please do a search on Flash for more information. If you have any questions, please call or send me an email.

~ Marianne