Helping Students – Guidelines for Parents

Steller Parents,

I hope you and your families and friends are well and recovering after the earthquake. Our school experienced little damage but most importantly, all our students and staff were safe and sound. I feel we were very lucky.

An earthquake of this magnitude is a scary event and we all experience and handle trauma differently. I have attached a note on what parents should look out for and how to handle traumatic stress in order to provide support for their children. Please be aware that post traumatic stress may occur at any time, from days to years after an event. 

Please don’t hesitate to ask for support if needed. Annette, Julie and I are all available at Steller and we can refer to non-ASD professionals if needed. 

~ Marianne

Parents Guidelines for Helping Children After an Earthquake

2nd Semester Registration Schedule – This Friday

Friday, December 7, 2018, Steller students will meet only to register for their Semester 2 classes.  Students are to be in the building only during their registration time.  Please see below for 2nd Semester Schedule and 2nd Semester Course Descriptions.  Please note that during today’s staff meeting it was discussed and decided to switch Bob’s 3rd and 6th period classes.  Film as Literature will now be offered 3rd period and English Independent Study 6th period.

8th grade (8:00-9:00)
7th grade (9:00-10:15)
12th grade (10:15-11:15)
11th grade (11:15-12:15)
LUNCH (12:15-1:00)
10th grade (1:00-2:00)
9th grade (2:00-3:00)

Click here for 2nd Semester Course Descriptions and  2nd Semester Schedule

Steller Auction Report

A big Thank You to all the Students, Staff and Parents!  We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Steller Auction was a very successful event!  Everyone did a great job participating in Steller’s largest fundraiser of the year.  All money raised goes to fund programs such as Souper Steller, Travel Scholarships, Exchange programs, Intensive fees, Passage projects, Student and Teacher projects, and much more.  The evening was filled with lots of activities including a silent auction, a live auction, and international catered food and beverages.


Bidder’s had a wide selection of items generously donated from our community.  Items included a weekend retreat getaway, framed art, local restaurant gift cards, spa packages, house-hold decor, and a U.S. American Flag flown over U.S. Capital. Also, the Advisory Groups offered outstanding experience gift baskets too!


The event included a professional Auctioneer, Dan Newman, from Alaska Premiere Auctions.  Live Auction packages included trips to Las Vegas, and Mexico and local weekend retreats.


Also noteworthy, we streamlined our check-in and check-out process this year.  Bidders got checked in quickly thanks to bidders pre-registering and pre-swiping their credit cards.  And checkout was a breeze with as many as 5 check-out lanes available instead of just one.


The auction netted $10,533, an increase of $3248 over last year.  That’s great!  However, we are still shy of reaching our goal of $15,000, but you can still help us get there.  We are still accepting donations, and would encourage you to donate to help us reach our funding goal. 


Donate to keep our programs running all year:  DONATE HERE  All cash donations are tax deductible.  Steller Parent Group is recognized as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit.


Thanks to all our volunteers, parents, students and teachers who helped make this years auction a success!


2018 Auction Co-Chairs:

Judith Davis – Logistics Chair

Kari Hall – Procurement Chair.      

Kevin Hedin  – Administration Chair

Congratulations, Sebastien!

Congratulations, Sebastien!

A Steller band student, Sebastien Libbrecht has been selected to participate for the 2019 All-Northwest Honor Band.  Sebastien is a junior trumpet player.  The honor band is a prestigious group of the most talented students from the high schools in Pacific Northwest Region.  “Sebastien practices regularly and enthusiastically, with spirit,” said Mr. Toba, the band director.  “This is his second time to participate for the elite honor group, which is not easy at all to accomplish.  I am so proud of him.”  The All-Northwest Honor Band will rehearse from February 15th through 17th, in Portland, Oregon.  The gala concert will be held at Oregon CC, Exhibit Hall A-1, on February 17th.


Application Night at UAA is Friday, December 7, 4:30-8:00

UAA will be having an application night on Friday December 7 from 4:30-8:00 pm at the Rasmuson Hall (connected by skybridge to the Wells Fargo Sports Complex). During this time your students can come and get help filling out their application and the fee will be waived! This is a $50 savings, so please encourage any students interested in UAA to come.

If you have any questions please email Nicole Massie ( or Alexa Cherry (

Have a great week!