October 21-24, 2019 is conference week

This is the schedule for classes.  Wednesday and Thursday are half days, release time is 11:45 am.  On early release days, please pick up your student by 12 noon unless you have a conference scheduled with in a half hour of pick up time.
Friday, October 25, 2019 is an In-Service Day, no school for students.

Seniors’ info

Senior portraits and pages: DUE February 1st
Your Portrait is a picture that can replace your school photo.
Your page is the ½ page collage; the dimensions are 1920×1080. 
 – If you would like a whole page talk to Bonnie (yearbook editor)   

Senior slideshow: DUE April 1ST
Your slideshow is a 3-minute (maximum) video to play at graduation. 

Senior hoodies: DUE October 28th
$45 for the normal weight hoodies
$30 for the lightweight hoodies
Please let Bonnie or McKenna know what size and type you would like.

Registration Is Open for the November 2 SAT

Are you planning to attend one of the University of Alaska Universities?
Do you still need to take the SAT? Please sign up for the November 2nd test to have your scores ready for the admissions process. The next opportunity to take the SAT is in March. 
UA prospective students should apply early January for admissions by February 15, which is the deadline for admissions to be eligible for institutional grants and scholarships. 
The SAT is also used as a placement test for English.

Congratulations, Griffin and Xavier!

Steller Band students, Griffin Lindsay and Xavier Libbrecht have been selected to participate for the 2019 ASAA All-State Band.  The membership for the All-State Band signifies the highest honor for high school band students in Alaska. Griffin is a sophomore French hornist, and Xavier is a sophomore bassoonist.  They were rated so high in the very competitive auditions that the students have attained chairs for the wind sections for the All-State Orchestra, too.  “I can not be more proud of Griffin and Xavier”, said Mr. Toba. “They regularly and wisely practice their instruments, and the effort the boys have put paid the big dividend.  I know they will have a great time participating in the All-State Band.  I am so glad to have the boys in band at Steller.  They are among the quiet leaders.”  The All-State Band, Choir, and Orchestra will rehearse on Thursday, November 21st through Saturday, the 23rd at East High School.  The All-State Gala Concert will be at West High School, starting at 6 p.m. in the Saturday evening.  Admission is 10 dollars for adults, 5 dollars for students.  Public is invited.

Interested in Alaska high school E-sports?

The deadline to join the Steller E-sports team for the fall has been extended until October 18. If you are interested, come see Jason on Thursday to find out how to register. We have two spots open for alternates on the team, but if we get 5 more people, we can form another team. There is a $193 fee but you still have time to fill out a fee waiver, if needed. You must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to compete. We meet from 2:30-4 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at West high school, and we meet from 4pm-5pm on Tuesdays for official matches. Come see Jason Thursday, if you want more info.

Current Intensive Descriptions starting December 9

Need Halloween dance chaperones – Thursday Oct 24

Hey Steller parents, yearbook needs parent chaperones for the Steller Halloween dance. The dance will fall on the night of the 24th of October (this is a half day) and will run from 7-11 pm. Chaperones will need to show up at 6:45 pm due to the fact that we can’t let kids in till all chaperones are here. We have no parent chaperones at this time. Please sign up! You can sign up by contacting Alana at: text or call (907)229-8694 or  mail alanarose4848@gmail.com

the following shifts are open
6:45-9 pm     
9-11 pm

Thank you from Yearbook secretary, Alana Rose. 

Need Parents to Host Grade Level Socials

Dear Steller Families,
The Steller Parent Group is looking for parents to host a grade level parent social in their homes (or coordinate one at some other location). The hope is to help build community by getting to know each other, and the idea is very simple: the host chooses a date and time, puts out an invitation to grade level parents, and everyone who comes brings something to share.

We have hosts for grades 7 & 9, and are looking for the following:
Grade 8
Grade 10
Grade 11 & 12 

If you are interested in hosting, or would like to learn more please contact me at pelletiers04@gmail.com
Kirsten Tschofen (Ezra grade 7, Eli grade 11)