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Fundraising Meeting – Monday, 1/30, 6pm

Please come to SPG’s next fundraising meeting via Zoom.  

Families, students and staff are all invited to attend this meeting and share their ideas!

Click to join the meeting:

Our next event is a BEAR TOOTH MOVIE-THON!

For questions please contact Karen or Lea at

SPG’s fundraiser, Cups for Kids, was a great success!

Cups for Kids has raised $14,192.93! 

We are at 47% of our annual goal!

If you haven’t had a chance to donate, there’s still time! Click DONATE on the right.

If donating isn’t in your family’s budget this year, here are other ways to support Steller…

  • Join the Fundraising Committee.  Be part of the team that plans and executes SPG fundraisers so we can support our Steller students. 
  • Come to Steller Parent Group’s monthly meetings.  As Maria says “ It’s crucial that your voice is heard as we make decisions for the future of Steller.” Agendas include:
    • budgeting – vote on how to spend the donated funds
    • approving funding requests
    • planning events
    • reports from the Principle, Staff, and OP Group
    • getting to know the inner workings at Steller, as well as each other
      • Every second Tuesday of the month, 6-7:30pm
      • The next meeting is December 13th (via Zoom)
      • This year will be a mix of in-person and Zoom meetings 
  • Join the Finance Committee.  Review funding requests and make recommendations.
  • Join the SPG Board.
    • No previous experience with Steller or other school boards necessary
    • Always open positions, like Member at Large and Co-officers
  • Volunteer for fun events, like:
    • Organize the Spring or Fall teacher appreciation luncheon
    • Help at All Community Meetings
    • Chaperone dances
    • Provide website help
    • Or let us know your specialty and we’ll match you to a volunteer job 
  • Sign up for Amazon Smile, Fred Meyer, and Office Depot awards. For easy instructions, click here and scroll to the bottom.

For more info or to help in any of these ways, email

Cups for Kids Fundraiser – Day 1 Donation Totals and More!

Thank you, Steller community, for making the first day of Cups for Kids a huge success! With $2,050 in matching donations from the SPG fantastic fundraising committee, we have now raised 27% of our $30,000 goal for the 2022-2023 school year! 

Remember, the coffee and cocoa is on us. If we are able to average $120 per student in donations, we can meet our goal!

Watch the progress we have made toward our fundraising goal of $30,000 by monitoring our fundraising thermometer on the Steller Parent Group website or in the hallway at Steller!

If you didn’t yet have a chance to donate, Cups for Kids will continue on November 15 and 16 during drop off and pick up, and we will continue accepting donations through December 1. Read on for more details!



Cups for Kids Fundraiser

Steller Parent Group aims to contribute to exciting student programs and events, like Intensives, Travel Intensives, SouperSteller, grants, and more.  Help us make that a reality by donating and volunteering.


In order to make our goal, we would need $120 per student…and we would not need additional fundraisers! Please donate the amount that makes sense for your family, and consider donating more if you can. Click here to have your donation over and done!


Parent volunteers are needed to make this fundraiser a success.  Help make coffee and collect donations. Click here to sign up.

Thank you, Steller Community!

More info:

  1. Orientation for lead volunteers, Fri 11/11 at 8:30am
  2. Next Fundraising Committee meeting: Monday, 11/28, 6-7pm via Zoom

Steller Parent Group Meeting

Come one, come all!

Please come to SPG’s monthly meeting

3 pillars of Steller:

  1. Students
  2. Staff
  3. Parents & Guardians

Active participation by all three in the running of the school is at the heart of the Steller Philosophy. 

Join us for the November Steller Parent Group meeting, and find out what’s happening at school, share your ideas, and get to know fellow families and staff. 

We meet the second Tuesday of the month, and you can find the agenda by the Sunday before the meeting . This month we will be voting on funding requests and discussing our biggest fundraiser of the year (Cups for Kids).

Thank you to all the students and adults that have already signed up to volunteer for specific positions, or to be general helpers.  

Click here to volunteer for Cups for Kids!

Thank you!


SPG news: All State Band and SPG Meeting

Steller Band Sends Two Students to All-State 

Steller Band students, Sarah Duot-Kelley on flute and Bjorn van der Goore on bass clarinet, have been selected to participate with the 2022 Alaska All-State Band.  

Bjorn is a junior and earned a regular chair. This is his 2nd year in a row with All-State Band. Sarah is a senior and this will be her first time.  

“I am delighted to see these highly accomplished students go through such a competitive audition process,” said Mr. Toba, band director. “Participation for All-State is the pinnacle for high school musicians in Alaska.  I am so proud of our All-Staters.”

The All-State Gala Concert will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at West High School, starting at 6 p.m.  Admission will be $10 for adults and $5 for students.  The public is invited.


SPG Meeting: Tuesday, November 8th

Come one, come all!

Click here for the Agenda


Steller Parent Group is excited to launch our Cups for Kids Fundraiser!

Click here to have your donation over and done! 🙂

Parent volunteers are needed to make this fundraiser a success.  Help make coffee, collect donations, and much more.  Click here to VOLUNTEER.

More info:

SPG is hoping to meet our fundraising goal for 2022-2023 of $30,000.  (Currently our draft budget has expenses of $17,000.)

In order to allocate more funding to intensives, additional student programs, and to make travel intensives accessible for all families, regardless of ability to pay, SPG needs more than $17,000 to increase our budget.  Help us make these exciting programs a reality!

Thank you, Steller Community, for your continued support of our amazing students!

P.S. don’t forget that many companies match donations.  Does yours?