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Cups for Kids Fundraiser


Hello Steller Families and Students!

Steller Parent Group is excited to announce our annual fundraiser, Cups for Kids!

On October 2, 3, & 4, during drop off and pick up, you are invited to either join us in the lobby for coffee or cocoa or students will bring coffee or cocoa to your car.. Students will be ready to take your donation. 

How to Donate: 

  • Cash or checks (made out to Steller Parent Group) are accepted.
  • With a credit card via QR code or directly on the SPG website 

Volunteer to help:

Volunteers are needed to make this event happen. Thank you to all those who have already signed up to volunteer or lead a shift! Sign up to help and ask your student to help and volunteer together! 

Training for shift leads and volunteers will be offered Friday 9/29/23 at either 8:30am-9am or 2pm-2:30pm at Steller in the kitchen area. 

Warm regards,

Steller Parent Group

P.S. Please make sure you are extra careful as you drive through the drop off/pick up line and help keep our students safe. 

Questions? Please contact Monica at 

Our Annual Fundraiser – Cups for Kids – is coming soon!


Hello Steller Families and Students!

Steller Parent Group is excited to announce our annual fundraiser

Cups for Kids!  October 2, 3, & 4.  

Please help us meet our fundraising goal of $15,000

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and will help to support:

  • Intensives 
  • Teacher grants like Brian’s Electronic Music Class
  • Leadership Club 
  • Community events like the BBQ
  • Staff appreciation
  • and whatever else members of our community request! 

You are invited to join us in the lobby for coffee or cocoa and students will also bring coffee and cocoa to your car during drop off and pick up.  They’ll also be ready to take your donation


  1. Cash or checks (made out to Steller Parent Group) are accepted when you receive your coffee/cocoa or in the office.
  2. With a credit card via QR code or directly on the SPG website 

We also need volunteers to help make this event happen.  Ask your student to help and volunteer together! 

Warm regards,

Steller Parent Group

P.S. Please make sure you are extra careful as you drive through the drop off/pick up line and help keep our students safe. 

Questions? Please contact Monica at 



Vote for Steller Budget

At the Steller Parent Group Meeting on Tuesday, September 12 the Steller Board shared the 2023 SPG Budget Document

Please review the attached Budget, and then vote “Yay” to accept the budget as presented or “nay”, and provide feedback.

The vote closes at 10 pm on Wednesday, September 20th. 


  • Why isn’t Souper Steller funded? We do have funding available under “School Hosted Events and Activities” if any students decide to take on this wonderful tradition. At this point, no students have expressed interest. 
  • Why don’t we have line items for regular and known expenses? An important aspect of the Steller philosophy is that things are driven by student and staff interests.  Our budget is designed to be flexible so that we can fund new and exciting things as they develop throughout the year.

Funding Requests for September:

  1. $5000 to support the Travel Intensive to Vietnam this term.
  2. $5000 to support the Travel Intensive to Costa Rica next term.
  3. $500 to support purchasing equipment for Brian’s Electronic Music Production Class.

Treasurers Claudian Libiesch & Kirsten Tschofen


  • Sign up for the Steller Directory here.
  • Volunteer opportunities (here). Cups for Kids (here)
  • SPG September Meeting Minutes here.
  • Did you  know you can find Advisory Notes in Canvas under the Advisory Course?

Vote for the Steller Parent Group Budget!



At the Steller Parent Group Meeting on Tuesday, September 12 the Steller Board shared the 2023 SPG Budget Document

We have one major fundraiser planned this year. 

Cups4Kids will take place the first week of October. The Steller Community is invited to join us in the Lobby and share coffee and cocoa, and students will be collecting donations at this time via Square, check and cash. We have set a total fundraising goal of $18,400 this year. 

Funds raised are used for things like the Back to School BBQ, Sophomore Day, Staff Appreciation, Travel Scholarships for students in need, and Intensive support to reduce the overall cost for participants. All members of our community – Students, Staff, Parents & Guardians are invited to bring a proposal to SPG and make a Request for Funding any time throughout the year. 

Please review the attached Budget, and then vote “Yay” to accept the budget as presented or “nay”, and provide feedback.

The vote closes at 10 pm on Wednesday, September 20th. The budget will be passed with a simple majority of total votes.



Steller Parent Group Fundraising

Budget and Fundraising at Steller

Welcome to our fourth post in the our series all about Steller Parent Group and the work we do. This week we are going to talk about our budget and fundraising.

Fundraising is essential to Steller Parent Group’s mission to enrich the lives of Steller students.

Monies raised support school activities and are divided into four general  “buckets”:


2. SPG HOSTED EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: Eg. BBQ, Staff Appreciation, Community Events

3. STELLER HOSTER EVENTS & ACTIVITIES: Eg. Souper Steller, Sophomore Day and 50th Anniversary Celebrations in 2024

4.GRANTS: Eg. Travel Scholarships, Intensive Support, Program Support and Passage & Special Projects

SPG will share the proposed budget for 2023/2024 with the community for feedback and approval at the September 12th meeting – please join and share your thoughts. Voting will take place on line in the week following. 


To reduce volunteer hours we will host one major fundraiser in 2023-2024. Cups for Kids is a simple drive for donations, and will take place in the first week of October. 

Passive fundraising relationships with businesses has been an important part of our budget in the past.  With many businesses choosing not to renew these programs we are very pleased that Fred Meyer is continuing with its Community Rewards program.

Here is how the program works:

  1. Sign up to the Community Rewards program by linking your Rewards Card here. Search for Steller Secondary or use code RJ417
  2. Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card you are helping Steller Parent Group earn a donation. 
  3. You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points and Rebates as normal.
  4. If you don’t have a Rewards card they are available at any customer service desk, and through the till.

In recent years we have earned about $600 a year from Fred Meyer, and about $400 through Amazon. We are hoping to be able to replace the loss of Amazon through an increase in participation in the Fred Meyer program. 

We are always looking for ways to fundraise! If you have ideas, or would like to join our committee please reach out to our Fundraising Chair Monica Perez-Verdia at

And of course, you can always donate directly to SPG via our website. Steller Parent Group is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 #06-1760342 and we can write receipts for donations. 


Steller Parent Group


Volunteering at Steller

Volunteering at Steller 

All volunteers must complete the ASD Volunteer Form annually. 

Steller Philosophy is built on the Three Pillars: Students, Staff, and Parents & Guardians working together to build the community and learning experiences we want. There are many opportunities for ALL our community members to get involved and make a difference at Steller! 

Steller Parent Group organizes volunteers on behalf of the staff and student groups and our own initiatives. We will post requests and links to Sign Up Genius on our website as needs arise. 

School Hosted Events and Activities

Occasionally SPG will help recruit volunteers for school lead activities like the following:

  • Intensives       
  • Open House and Ice Cream Social  
  • Steller Olympics 
  • Dances
  • Souper Steller
  • Field Trips

Steller Parent Group Hosted Events and Activities      

The mission of the Steller Parent Group is to promote involvement in school activities, to solicit address, and make recommendations regarding issues and policies facing the Steller Community, and to support fundraising activities and facilitate the disbursement of those funds. 

Steller Parent Group meets the second Tuesday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Our first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 12 in person and via Zoom. Watch for the announcements on the Steller Flash (SUBSCRIBE HERE). You can find meeting agendas and minutes on this website.  

We have need for both leadership positions, and volunteers on the date of events, and various time commitments. This is just a summary to get a sense. Visit our Google Form here for a complete list, and to indicate your interest. 

  • Steller Finance Committee – one student, one member at large. Monthly review of funding requests and recommendation at SPG meeting; conduct annual review; prepare budget for approval by SPG (2-4 hours/month).
  • Fundraising Committee – co-chair, and volunteers to help the chair plan and execute Cups for Kids in October, and seek out other fundraising opportunities. Students are especially invited to get involved here! 
  • Advocacy Committee – help plan advocacy and communication on behalf of Steller with ASD.
  • Student Recruitment Committee – support Steller Staff in student recruitment and school promotion. 
  • Webmaster: Assist migrating SPG website to a new host, updating themes and plugins, and possible redesign. 
  • Zoom/Tech Guru: Setup and monitor Zoom at all monthly SPG general meetings and link to external monitor and speaker (5:30-8PM, second Tuesday of month x 9 months)
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee – help plan celebrations for Steller’s 50th Anniversary! 

If you would like to know more about any of these roles, or have your own idea for something SPG could do reach out to our chairs – Dee Dee and Amy at 

Dates to Remember (this is NOT comprehensive!)

View and subscribe to the Steller Calendar here

Wednesday, August 30 6:00 to 7:30 Back to School Night (meet the teachers) and All Community Meeting (meet Steller Parent Group and other families)

Monday, September 4, Labour Day – No School for Students

Tuesday, September 12 6:00 to 7:30 Steller Parent Group Meeting in person and via Zoom. We will present the budget at this meeting, and then share with the wider community for a vote via email. 

Thursday, September 21 6th Grade Community Forum details tba

Donations for Prom

Steller Prom was this weekend and was a wonderful success. Thank you to the Prom Committee and Teacher Sponsor for all your work planning this event. 

SPG is committed to supporting equity at Steller school, and as such we have committed $1500 to help reduce the tickets cost from $50 to $25. 

This was not a planned donation in our budget, and so we are asking our very generous community to help us once again with donations that would go towards this specific event. 

To donate, click “Read in Browser” at the bottom of this message, and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “DONATE”! It’s that easy. 

As always, we thank you for your support! 



Support our Steller Prom Committee!

Steller Prom Committee has been working hard all year to plan and fundraise for a great event for our students, and to show our support for their hard work we are collecting donations. 

As always, any student who would like to attend a Steller event, but costs are prohibitive, can contact the Steller Office and funds are available. This year we are also inviting the Steller community to make an additional donation to help reduce the overall price of tickets for all students. If we raise $1500 we can reduce the cost to just $25.00 per ticket!

Donating is easy – just click on the DONATE button here,

and send a quick email to our treasurer saying the amount you donated so we can keep track!