What Our Students Say About Steller

Responsibility and Trust

“I go here because of the support from my peers and the staff.  My favorite part of going to Steller is being able to have the independence and being trusted” – Morgan, 8th Grade

“Steller is Stellar!  We have more freedom, which forces us to have responsibility.  We have so mnay opportunities.  We take charge of our own education.  Our  teachers treat us like friends and adults.” – Maya, Senior

“At Steller we have responsible freedom that requires us to be self motivating and use time wisely.” – Tate, 10th Grade

“Steller is a trusting community that promotes the experience of responsible freedom.” – Jaisa, 11th Grade

“Steller has a self motivated self responsibility that is under your control.  You are the one to decide whether or not you are going to step up and be a responsible student.” – Ariel, 8th Grade



“This school is trustworthy, independent, and bully free.  That’s the kind of school I want to go to.” – Jaylyn, 7th Grade

“There’s no bully or bad kid in this school.  Everyone was really nice when I met them for the first time.  In other schools, there are some mean people.  If I ask something to people, they answer me with a smile.” – Yu-Jin Choi, 7th Grade

“We are an inclusive community.” – Max, 11th Grade

“Steller combines student responsibility, respect, and a feeling of a community.  Every student here has a voice and every student has a choice in how they want their education to be.” – Mallory R., 9th Grade



“Steller is my home away from home, a place to feel safe, a community.” Bianca, 11th Grade

“I like Steller because it is an open community and everyone is friendly and enjoy’s each other’s company.” – Coltrane, 7th Grade

“Steller is like PJ’s.  It comforts you.” – Talon, 7th grade

“I go to Steller because no matter how you are doing with grades, knowledge, and personal issues, you always have someone there to help and listen.” – Ariel, 8th Grade


Friendly and Safe

“I have never seen a kid being bullied here at Steller.” – Bret, 7th Grade

“Steller has the most accepting, kind students you will likely ever find.” – Tristan, 11th Grade

“Steller has an ‘open armed’ atmosphere and I enjoy its embrace. – Christina, 8th Grade

“The people, students and teachers are SO nice and friendly, everyone knows everyone and I feel like I belong here.” – Payton, 8th Grade

“You can really trust people.  You can leave your backpack in the hall, and you can be sure it will be there a half an hour later.” – Alexis, 7th Grade

“I decided to go to Steller because it’s a very safe and understanding school.” – Caleb, 10th Grade


Independence and Creativity

“As an exchange student from France what I like the best about Steller is the unique way that the students are supported in their independence.” – Alexander, Senior

“At Steller, I get the opportunity to have new experiences.  I get the chance to learn what I want to do with my life.” – Allison S, 10th Grade

“Steller is a place for independent, creative people who want a space to find themselves.” – Tziporah, 9th Grade

“I love the creativity and the freedom within the school.” – Rosie, 9th Grade


Power and Voice

“I like Steller because everyone has a voice.” – Sarah, 7th Grade

“You , as a person, have a say in what you want to happen in the school.” – Myah, 8th Grade

“At Steller, you have the power to create change.  You have a voice at Steller, and if you want to be heard, you are.” – Annie, 9th Grade

“The fact that we have a student run government is amazing.” – Rosie, 9th Grade

“Steller lets you have a voice no matter who you are.” – Grace, 8th Grade

“No where else are the students so involved in the decision making.” – Camilla, 11th Grade


People are Unique and Individual

Steller is a place where anyone is appreciated for who they are.” – Savannah, 10th Grade

I’m treated like an individual.” – Darwin, 8th Grade

Steller allows me to be me.  It allows me to practice my freedom of expression.” – Devon, 11th Grade

At Steller I’m not labeled smart, average, dumb or stupid.” – Molly, 7th Grade

I like that I’m an individual, not just a face in the crowd.” – Aaron, 10th Grade

Steller gives me room to be unique.” – Sam, 11th Grade

I feel comfortable being my true self.” – Chandler, 12th Grade


Special Relationship with Teachers /Advisors

“Knowing teachers well and being able to talk to them has been a great benefit to my education.” – Seth, Senior

“Being on a first name basis promotes mutual respect.” – Nick, 9th Grade

“I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact having the opportunity to truly know my teachers has had on my high school education.  If you are a student that enjoys meaningful, comprehensive classes and the ability to engage in discussions of literature or history, there is no better option than Steller.” – Emily, Senior

“Steller’s teachers place the onus on independent learning by letting you do as you feel you need to, but will do anything to help you if you ask for it.” – Tristan, 11th Grade

“You can tell the teachers really care for the students.  They really give the students a chance to be independent in their own learning.” – Sam, 11th Grade


Educational Opportunities

“The opportunities are endless!” – Christian, Senior

“I enjoy being a Peer teacher, an experience I could not have at any other school.” – Lyle, Senior

“We have opportunities to do classes based on our own interests.” – Chandler, Senior

“I enjoy Steller because it is a small and friendly community that allows us to make our own choices and promotes self directed learning.” – Shannon, 11th Grade

“I like Steller because you get to choose your classes and intensives which other schools don’t even have.” – Sawyer, 7th Grade

“I go to Steller because I  like that I get to choose my own path.” – Drew, 11th Grade

“Students get to learn more about what they are interested in because of Peer Taughts, Passages, and SDL’s.” – Merit, 10th Grade

“At Steller your knowledge is tested by both academics and personal choices.” – Ariel, 8th Grade