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Financial Support:


Steller Parent Group is a charitable organization to which contributions are tax-deductible. In a typical year most money raised through Parent Group goes to four areas:

  • SPG Operational expenses
  • Steller Parent Group hosted events, activities and projects (Welcome BBQ, Staff Appreciation etc)
  • School hosted events, activities and projects (Souper Steller, Ice Cream Social, Steller Olympics etc.)
  • Grants:
    • Steller Travel Intensives 
    • Intensives 
    • Program Support (Band trips, art supplies etc)
    • Passages & Special Projects

The budget for the 2022-2023 School Year will be presented at the October 11 meeting and online voting will take place between October 12 and 14. Please see Steller Parent Group Meetings for more information about the Budget.

The last time SPG did an active fundraiser was in January of 2020. 

  • We spent roughly have of those funds in the 2020/2021 school year. 
  • We spent half in the 2021/2022 school year.
  • We need to raise about $30 000 to fund from January 2023 to January 2024!

We appreciate that many families and businesses are facing significant stress this year and have limited our fundraising goals, while trying to support the many important needs our school has – in particular Steller Travel Intensives.

We hope to raise $2500 through passive fundraisers like Fred Meyer and Amazon.

There are still ways you can support the work Steller Parent Group does:

Individual Donations

Use the Donate button located on the HOME PAGE, this is a secure and easy way to donate using a credit card.   If you don’t see the Donate button, it may have been pushed down to the bottom of the page, so be sure to scroll all the way down in your browser.

Support Fundraising Events

At this time we are planning:

  • Cups for Kids in October/November
  • Steller Auction in January.

We are looking for other ideas for both community fundraising and passive opportunities, so please share your ideas!

Support Steller While You Shop

Steller Parent Group has teamed up with Fred Meyer and Amazon,  for corporate rewards, and your purchases generate corporate donations from these companies to our school.  Here is how you connect your shopping to the rewards:

Support Steller Secondary Parent Group (80690) just by linking your rewards card to our group and do your shopping at Fred Meyer with your Rewards Card. The more supporters who link their card to Steller Secondary Parent Group, the more we earn.   Sign up now!  The process is very simple.

3 Easy Steps

1.  Click to sign in or sign up with a Fred Meyer’s account first
2.  Associate your Rewards Card with your account
3.  Click here to enroll in Community Rewards and search for ‘Steller’.

Does this program affect my personal rebates or fuel points?  No, this is a corporate donation and does not affect your personal rewards.
Issues? contact the FredMeyer community reward team at

More info about Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Simply make a purchase at Office Depot or Office Max online or in-store using our school ID at checkout and Steller will receive 5% back in credits

Steller School ID:   70000032

3 Easy Steps

1.  Shop Online –
2.  At the last checkout page, enter “BTS 70000032” in the Additional Order Information section.  Just type it in the comments box.
3.  For a more permanent association with Office Depot, create an account, and have customer service associate Steller School with your account.  They will ask for State, Zip and School Name. This way you can set it and forget it.

Need help with the process?  Let us know how we can help.   Email Steller Parent Group Officers 


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