Steller Values

Student ownership of the path to learning
Self-motivated, self-directed learners can surpass all expectations.

Intellectual development and preparation
Adult challenges, in college and life, reward flexible thinkers, innovative problem-solvers and serious scholars. We prioritize these skills over memorized educational content.

Freedom, individuality, and responsibility
Students who think and act for themselves gain the opportunity to take personal responsibility for their individual potential and for their obligations to others.

Commitment and hard work
Our school needs and requires dedication and consistent effort from every person.

Challenging limitations and taking risks

Learning—and teaching—should be a process of constant experimentation. We back up students and staff who try new things and stretch beyond the comfort zone.

Joy and love for learning
A good education instills life-long curiosity and delight in new knowledge and ideas.

We honor the worth of other people and the things they value, and our own worth as individuals.

Celebrating differences
We enjoy friends unlike ourselves. We encourage uniqueness. Diversity gives strength.

Kindness and helping
We’re in this together; we reach out to one another. Every member of our community can teach and mentor another.

Student leadership
Students share in guiding the school as a whole. Empowered young people can grow into good citizens and leaders.

Community, within our school and beyond
Our school community sustains us as learners and as human beings; Steller and its members likewise participate in the broader community of our neighborhood and world.

Learning through experience
Life is the ultimate classroom. Living teaches the ultimate lessons.