Current Intensive Descriptions starting December 9

Steller Secondary 2018 Winter Intensives

Starting Monday, October 22 through Thursday, October 25, students will sign up for their top three Intensive choices.  Advisors are available to help students sign up for their choices.  Please take the time to review the Intensives with your students.  Payments for Intensives will be online this year in ParentConnections.  Please continue to follow flash announcements to know when ParentConnection Payments are made available.

Click here to review intensive options: 2018 Winter Intensives

Iceland Intensive – May 2018

There are still lots of spots left on the Iceland Intensive for May 2018. If you are interested, please let Jason know. Registration is still open. You can work this summer to raise money for this great opportunity. Plan now, don’t be left behind.

Winter Intensives

Winter is coming…and it is time to register for Winter Intensives. Winter Intensives are happening from December 12th to 22nd. Attached are the descriptions for the Intensives being offered. Students should read through them and pick their first, second, and third choice by Monday. Students will be entering their choices during Advisory on October 10th. If students are traveling with family during Intensives, they should talk to their Advisor this week and make arrangements to do an Independent Study Intensive. Also remember there is money for fee waivers for those with a financial need. Students should talk to the office, their Advisor, or the teacher they are interested in taking an Intensive to pick up an Intensive Fee Waiver form.

Winter Intensives course descriptions

Here is a direct link to the descriptions:

Intensives Registration and Monday Schedule

Intensives registration is this Monday during AG! CHOOSE WISELY, YOU MUST!

Please note that there is a correction on Ken’s Intensive: FREAKONOMICS – is open to grades 9-12 only.

Next week is a 4-Day Week schedule since Friday is an Inservice Day for staff.

Please be advised of the following schedule for Monday March 7, 2016, to ensure that all Steller students have an equal opportunity to register for Intensives:

Period 1 8:30-8:55
Period 2 9:00-9:25
Period 4 9:30-10:15
ADVISORY (Intensives Registration) 10:20-11:45
Period 5 12:40-2:05

Informational Meeting Re Spring 2017 Trip to Dominican Republic Mon. Feb 29, noon

There is an informational meeting about the spring 2017 trip to the Dominican Republic on Monday, February 29th at noon in Ashley’s room. Please come if you are interested in learning more about this amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and language while on a service-learning trip.  See High School Team Fact Sheet HERE

Intensive Trip to the Florida Keys: December 2016

imgres-1There will be a parent meeting for students  interested in going  to the Florida Keys to study Marine Biology in December 2016. We will spend our intensive  in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary where daily activities will include snorkeling coral reefs,  daily field trips in boats, lab sessions ,  as well as visiting different marine habitats including the Everglades National Park.  The meeting will held March 8th, at 6:30 in Mikes room. The cost of the trip  is $2900.