Nurse News: New Nutrition Facts Labels

Hello Steller Community,

Obesity is a health risk for many people. However, there are always things we can do to overcome the risk by simply checking our food nutrition facts labels, learning about portion sizes and decreasing large amounts of sugary drinks. In January 2020, the FDA came out with new labeling standards for the larger manufacturers and by 2021 for the smaller and specialty manufacturers.

New nutrition facts labels: What you should know

According to the Providence Nutrition Team, changes to nutrition facts labels started coming out in early January, and perhaps you have started to see the new differences. Even if you haven’t seen them yet, knowing how the labeling standards have changed can help you understand how they can help with your diet. In the past, the old labels would indicate the total nutrition counts, but did not emphasize that these numbers indicated only a serving size when in fact there was two or more servings in the container. One would have to multiply these numbers by the total servings listed on the product. Now the labels indicate both information – nutritional facts for one serving and then the whole content of the package. Click on the above link to see a picture of the new labels and more information.

With this said, it is also very important to rethink your drink and curb back the intake of sugary drinks. These drinks consumed on a daily basis and even several times a day can lead to serious health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, tooth decay and even death.  Soda and sugary drinks may lead to an estimated 184,000 deaths among adults every year, according to a recent study by researchers at Tufts University published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. A regular drink serving size is 12 oz. per FDA guidance, but some often supersize and get 20 oz. plus instead, that’s almost three times the amount consumed at one time. Children get most of their added sugar by drinking it. Let’s switch out those sugary drinks for healthier drinks that contain no added sweeteners. The two best choices are water and white, unflavored milk.


MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute Summer STEM Program for High School and Middle School Students

MIT Beaver Works Summer Institute ( is a rigorous, world-class STEM program for talented and passionate high school students.  The four-week summer program at MIT teaches STEM skills through project-based, workshop-style courses.

We are expanding our 2020 programs to include courses on Reverse Engineering Software (a cyber security course) and Serious Game Development with AI.  Our middle school courses will include our Mini-RACECAR, both intro (original) and advanced courses, and bringing humanity and engineering together with our Designing for Assistive Technology Middle School course.

Our program is free to all local students. Students who are not local may be required to pay a room and board fee

Please feel free to forward and share.

More Information: BWSI 2020 Handout 2 Sided Flyer 100419 – Reduced

STAMP Assessment During Spanish Class Next Week

Students in Spanish classes will be taking the STAMP assessment beginning next week.  This is a proficiency based assessment used to show student growth, give students helpful information about their ability to use Spanish, and potentially qualify them for a Stamp of Biliteracy on their diploma.  All testing will take place during Spanish classes and should not interrupt their other studies.  If you have any questions, please contact Ashley or Rosa.

See Flyer for more information: 2020 STAMP 4S Parent Info Letter

Parent Group Meeting this Tuesday 2/11

Please join us for the Steller Parent group Tuesday February 11th  6:00-7:30 in Ken’s room. This month’s agenda includes a report from the the Jan 24th Steller Auction, updates and upcoming events, request for support for the Steller Band trip to Cordova, and opportunities to volunteer to keep Souper Steller running this semester, and host a parent social. Find out how you can help support the Steller community and keep up-to-date on upcoming events and news from staff and students. Email if you would like to add an agenda item or are unable to attend but are interested in volunteering. All are welcome!