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New Steller Directory!


The Steller Parent Group (SPG) has in past years hosted a directory through a hosting service that required an annual cost to the SPG. This year we are trying to gather the information voluntarily through a simple Google questionnaire. The result will be a list or spreadsheet with basic contact information for individuals who agree to participate. We will need to update each school year.

We would like to invite you to opt in to the Steller Directory by answering with as much information as you are comfortable sharing with the rest of the school’s parents.

This should take less than five minutes to complete. 

Students, staff, and parents/guardians are welcome to join our directory. 

If you would like to join use this link.

Steller Parent Group

Moviethon Planning Meeting Monday Night!


The fundraising committee is meeting this Monday, February 13 at 6.00 pm via Zoom. 

All community members – students, staff and parents/guardians are invited to attend, share their ideas, and share their talents!  Many hands makes a light load! 

Join Zoom Meeting

Questions? contact Karen at

Steller is the Place to Be!

We all know Steller is a great place to learn – help us get the word out! Encourage your friends and neighbours to come to our Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, February 15, from 6:00 to 7:30pm. 

It would be great if you could download our poster and pamphlet below and share on social media, or where ever there are kids and parents. 

If you have a connection to an elementary school in Anchorage and would be willing to reach out to their administration or PTA let us know. Having a personal recommendation is such a powerful testament. 

Dee Dee Zobian and Amy Dummann 

Chairs, Steller Parent Group 

Blind Date with a Book at Steller Library!


Blind date with a book! The Steller library has combined the thrill of a new book with the excitement and surprise of having a book chosen for you. Come pick up a wrapped book, who knows maybe you’ve been reading about the Italian Renaissance when it’s really robots fighting with cats in a dystopian future that you’ll fall for.  Maybe it’s a mystery or a graphic novel? Hard to say! Come check out one of the Blind Date wrapped books at the Steller library this month.  Each blind date book you check out comes with M&Ms because Valentines is really all about the chocolate, right? 

Bonney DeArmoun

Steller Librarian

Steller Spirit Week February 6 to 10!

Poster showing spirt week events (in text)

In celebration of the dance next Friday, we have spirit days! There will be costume contests held after school!

  • Monday (2/6): Monochrome (Color Themed and/or Frog Themed)
  • Tuesday (2/7): Fun Hats and/or Wacky Hair
  • Wednesday (2/8): Characters and/or Costumes
  • Thursday (2/9): Formal and/or Royalty
  • Friday (2/10): Pajama Day (B.Y.O.B. Bring Your Own Blanket)

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to chaperone the Dance on Friday night. Please make sure you have completed the volunteer application with ASD.

We are still looking for people to help with Prom – chaperones, decorations and set up.