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We Raised 560 lbs of Food!

Hello everyone, together as a school Steller Secondary collected over 560LBS of food! Which is amazing that the Steller community could come together to collect so much food for the Food Bank of Alaska. Brian’s first hour won the competition for most points. 



NHS Food Drive Results!

Final results for 2021 Steller Food Drive!

In first place with the winning class, we have Brains first hour Physics class with 62,250 points! Down below are the points listed for each first hour class. Thank you so much to the Steller community we filled over 5 bins full of food that will be donated to the Foodbank of Alaska! 

  • Troy: 6350
  • Toba: 3,950
  • Rosa &Ashley: zero
  • Ken: 3,050
  • Simone: 7,316
  • Jason: zero
  • Marla: 8,900
  • Leigh Anne:  29,050
  • BOB: 9,300
  • Svetlana: 2,300
  • Brain 62,250
  • Becky: 25,250
  • Philip: 25,250
  • Mike: 6,500

Thanks, Alana Rose Parent

NHS Food Drive

Hello everyone, 

The Steller community has done a steller job collecting food. As a school we have collect about four big tubs of food ( for reference these tubs are about the size of a large trash can). Listed down below are the updated numbers of points  by 1st hour class as of 4/28/21.

  • Troy: 6350
  • Rosa & Ashley: 1750
  • Ken: 0
  • Simone: 5,916
  • Leigh Anne: 5,350
  • Marla: 8,900
  • Bob: 400
  • Jason: 0
  • Brian: 62,250
  • Becky: 22,750
  • Mike: 0 
  • Philip: 18,350

As of 4/28/21 Brians first hour class is taking the lead. There is still plenty of time to catch up. We will continue collecting food till 5/7/21. 

Alana P


Update on NHS Food Drive!

Hello Steller,

So far as a school we have one food-bank bin (about the size of an average trash can) full of food! This is fantastic since the drive has only been happening for 3 days. The for drive will continue till may 7th! Here is the breakdown for points by first hour classes


Philip: 3,000
Mike: 0
Becky: 13,100
Brian: 0
Svetlana: 0 
Marla : 0
Leigh Anne: 0 
Jason: 0
Simone: 3,000
Ken: 0 
Rosa+ Ashley : 1750
Troy: 0

This means Becky is in the lead with Simone and Philip tied for second with Rosa & Ashley coming in at 3rd. We encourage families to donate whatever they can if possible. 

Here is the breakdown of how points are assigned: