Bylaws and FAQ’s


Steller Parent Group Bylaws

2024 Steller Parent Group Bylaws were reviewed, amended, and approved by Members on 3/19/2024.  The next review should happen in 2027.

The purpose of Steller Parent Group is to enrich the lives of Steller students through the financial support and leadership from all active parents. The Steller Parent Group is part of the larger Steller Community Body which is made up of Students, Staff and Parents/Guardians, Alumni and the Principal. The mission of SPG is to promote parent and guardian involvement in school activities, to solicit, address, and make recommendations regarding issues and policy facing the Steller Community, and to support fundraising activities and facilitate the disbursement of (those) funds.


SPG is made up of the three pillars of our school: Students, Staff, Parents & Guardians, and every one is automatically a member of the Steller Parent Group. Donations are not required for membership. Your participation, your voice, and your vote are all essential to the health and effectiveness of this community group.  All members can bring a proposal, a funding request, or communicate ideas or concerns.


Steller Parent Group meets in Joe’s room or via Zoom on the second Tuesday of each month for an hour and a half from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Watch for e-mail announcements via The Flash or watch our Facebook group for any updates to our schedule.  You are highly encouraged to come join in the discussion and participate in helping shape our school. Click HERE for the meeting schedule.


Steller Parent Group is a charitable organization to which contributions are tax-deductible. 

In a typical year most money raised through Parent Group goes to four areas:

  • SPG Operational expenses
  • Steller Parent Group expenses (Welcome BBQ, Staff Appreciation etc)
  • School expenses ( Souper Steller, Ice Cream Social, Steller Olympics etc.)
  • Grants:
    • Steller Travel Intensives 
    • Intensives 
    • Program Support (Band trips, art supplies etc)
    • Passages & Special Projects

2023-2024 Budget DRAFT

2022-2023 Budget

2021-2022 Budget

2020 SPG Budget

Finance Committee 

All members of the Steller Community (Students, Staff, Parents & Guardians) are welcome to make requests for funding to the SPG.  Completed forms must be emailed to  on the first of the month to be considered at that month’s SPG meeting.  They will then be reviewed by the Finance Committee (SPG Chair, Treasurer,  Student, Principal, Member at Large) and then brought to a vote at the next meeting. 


All communication intended for the officers of the Steller Parent Group can be sent to: For a list of current officers and their addresses, see below. 


The school office maintains a physical mailbox for the parent group.  You are welcome to drop donation checks, letters, or any other matters pertaining to the group in this mailbox.  Mail is generally picked up by the Treasurer every other week.


Steller Parent Group is currently investigating new options for a school directory.  We will update you once a decision has been made. 


Steller Parent Group is responsible for and maintains the following website:  This site is separate from the official website maintained by ASD staff (  We maintain our own website to allow greater parent access,  flexibility of content, and greater ease of updating information.  Need to add or change something to our website or post an update to The Flash news feed?  E-mail

The Flash (Daily News Feed)

Get news and post news using The Flash.   Parents and staff both submit news and school information to be delivered via this email news feed.  To subscribe, visit our website and enter your email address where it says SUBSCRIBE.  You will get a confirmation e-mail.  To post school related news, email your article to

Bulletin Board

We have a dedicated bulletin board space on the wall right next to the Library.  There you will find things like: Meeting Minutes, Financial Reports, and Fundraising Goals.  

We are on Facebook

We encourage all current members of the Steller Community  to join the Steller Parent Group on Facebook at:

There is a public Facebook Page for Alumni and public information as well:


The bylaws of the Steller Parent Group is part of the larger Steller Community Bylaws and can be found here:  2021- 2022 SPG Bylaws


Steller Parent Group is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization and we accept donations to help fund school programs and support our students in many ways.  Checks can be made out to Steller Parent Group and dropped off in the school office.  Credit card donations can be made on our website (   Your donations are tax deductible.

Officers (2023-2024)

Chair: Amy Dummann

Co-Chair: Dee Dee Zobian

Treasurer: Claudia Liebsch (

Co-Treasurer:  Kirsten Tschofen

Secretary:  Sarah Bernhardt (

Co-Secretary: Lea McKenna

Standing Committees (2023-2024)

Staff Appreciation: Vacant Position

Advisory Liaisons: Multiple Positions

Communications: Kirsten Tschofen 

Finance Committee: Chair, Treasurer, Staff , member at large (open position)

Fundraising Committee: Monica Perez-Verdia 

Updated July 2023 by Kirsten Tschofen