Update on NHS Food Drive!

Hello Steller,

So far as a school we have one food-bank bin (about the size of an average trash can) full of food! This is fantastic since the drive has only been happening for 3 days. The for drive will continue till may 7th! Here is the breakdown for points by first hour classes


Philip: 3,000
Mike: 0
Becky: 13,100
Brian: 0
Svetlana: 0 
Marla : 0
Leigh Anne: 0 
Jason: 0
Simone: 3,000
Ken: 0 
Rosa+ Ashley : 1750
Troy: 0

This means Becky is in the lead with Simone and Philip tied for second with Rosa & Ashley coming in at 3rd. We encourage families to donate whatever they can if possible. 

Here is the breakdown of how points are assigned: