10-day perfect attendance = opportunities to win $100 prizes

District Receives BP’s Support for 2017-18 Attendance Program

A call to action for students to maintain 10-day perfect attendance with opportunities to win $100 prizes

The Anchorage School District announces support from BP for the 2018 attendance program, a call to action for ASD high school students. Knowing that any absence from school is a missed opportunity, the Anchorage School Board and ASD Administration thank BP for providing funds for an incentive program for students. BP has contributed $12,600 for the year-long program, rewarding high school students who come to school every day for 10 days throughout the school year.

Based on a model of reinforcement, ASD Superintendent, Dr. Deena Bishop, said, “We are rewarding students for good attendance behavior with the praise of an intermittent reward.” [ … continue reading 2017-18 BP Attendance Program.pdf ]