All School Presentation Tuesday Feb 20th

There will be an all-school presentation on Tuesday, February 20th by Butch Moore, father of Bree Moore who was killed by her abusive boyfriend when she was 20 years old. Butch Moore will talk about the new state law, Bree’s Law: Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention. For more information about this topic, you can visit Please direct any questions to Reed at 742-4950.

This presentation will affect the day’s schedule slightly. Here is the class schedule for Tuesday:

  • 1st period-8:30-8:55

  • 2nd period-9:00-9:25

  • 3rd period-9:30-10:0

  • 4th period-10:05-10:35

  • MPR presentation 10:40-11:30 – All students go to the MPR immediately after 4th period.

  • Advisory 11:30-11:45 to debrief

  • Lunch 11:45-12:40

  • 5th period 12:40-1:20

  • 6th period 1:25-2:05