Amazing exchange students need homes

Hi Steller Families – There are two amazing exchange students who need homes for the school year.  We definitely want them at Steller.  They are both part of the YES program through AFS.  This program came about after 9/11, the idea being to bring understanding between students of Muslim countries and the United States.  This program is VERY competitive so these teens really want their generation to bring hope and change!
There is a boy from Turkey and a boy from Saudi Arabia. They would make great host brothers if someone was able to host them both or each would make a great addition to any Steller family.
I would be glad to help expedite things, time is short to get them placed.  Since my family is hosting through the YES program, the host families can have a lot of fun together.
If anyone is interested, or just has a questions,  call Sarah (she is our AFS lead) (907) 360-9659 or if you want to ask me any questions, you can call me – cell is (907) 268-8819 or at work 222-6970 option 1 and just ask for me.  Thanks!  Ginger Scoggin