BYODevice committee update

The committee work to develop policy norms, for device usage at school, continues.  First conversations have begun for writing a contract that best supports education and community needs.  (See overview below).

Be part of the process!!

Join us today (4-11-18), at noon in Marla’s room.

~ What about kids who don’t care about the rules

     ~ Can a contract make a difference

     ~ Student arrest policy

          ~ No one wants to be the “cop”

     ~ Should be one of the data points for deselection–not the decider but, used along with other behavioral considerations.

          ~ If deselection is a check list, appropriate phone usage could work for you or against you.

     ~ FYI: cell phones are not a right for anyone at Steller

     ~ Norm should include parents

          ~ “If I’m agreeing not to answer a text from mom during class; mom should agree not to text me during class”

~ We should worry about creating a norm that we can all agree to follow

     ~ Let’s focus on creating the contract

         ~ Don’t worry, at this stage about consequences.  Let’s work on the norm of correct behavior

         ~ It has to be fair — can’t interfere with the culture of Responsible Freedom

         ~ To strengthen class rules for teachers that need support

         ~ Find positive statements for behavior without specific DON’Ts

~ A good start

         ~ We only use our phones during class (in or out of the classroom) when teacher has given specific permission.

               ~ In class, phone is used for only academic purposes

               ~ We refrain from using our devices during passing period

Next Week:  Create contract & plan a trial run before the end of the year.