Community Statement from N.H.S.

Community Statement for Steller from The Steller N.H.S. :

Hello everyone, The Steller National Honors Society wanted to put out a statement about our purpose to encourage volunteer opportunities for all students.

For a long time the Steller N.H.S. has needed more volunteers for programs such as the Homework Club which is completely run by students and staff here at Steller. Another program we often need help with is the Mobile Food Bank located in Fairview.

Since the start of N.H.S. here at Steller Secondary we have put it upon ourselves to have a goal of making more great leaders in the Steller community.

The volunteer opportunities hosted by N.H.S. are available for both member and non-member students to participate in. We always welcome an extra helping hand.

If you feel like any of these volunteer opportunities are programs you would like to help with, please feel free to come to meetings no matter the grade (7-12) so you can help make the Anchorage community a better place. 

Meetings on Tuesdays at 2 pm. and the link can be found on the 7th hour page.

Alana P.