Important notice from Advocacy Committee

Dear Steller Community –

An Ad Hoc Advocacy Committee  made up of Steller students and parents has formed over the last few weeks. This committee will submit/present a letter at the May 9th or May 23rd Anchorage School Board Meeting. 

You are invited to come on Tuesday, May 9 to hear a short presentation from the Advocacy Committee at the SPG meeting.

This committee’s intent is to develop a broad statement of support for our school philosophy and values , our students, teachers, and principal, and to ensure a diversity of perspectives at the ASD Board Meetings. 

Parents can ask questions, and sign a letter to be submitted to the ASD Board should they like.

The committee knows any statement will not cover all of the issues that may be important to you or state things the way you would personally, and we encourage you to attend, testify and/or submit your own comments to the school board. 


Steller has been named at recent school board meetings, and a blogger has mentioned Steller teachers and principal by name, in particular as it pertains to a Steller class about the history of banned books. Following the blog publication, Steller’s teachers and principal have received hate mail. As a result, Steller staff have been reviewing and enhancing classroom and building safety protocols. More details are available in the March Steller Parent Group meeting minutes under the Principal’s Report  here (or find the link under – Parents – SPG Minutes). .

You can review ASD School Board meeting minutes and videos here:. For your convenience, you can go directly to some of the above mentioned public comments here (or search YouTube for ASD School Board Meeting 2/21/2023)(starting around 58:00).

In addition to this issue, school funding challenges make this an important time to voice our support for Steller loudly and clearly. 


Individuals can provide in-person, telephonic, or written comments to the School Board at their Regular Meetings. Speakers are limited to three minutes per person.

The School Board encourages anyone wishing to provide written public comments to use the link below by 11:59 p.m. the day before the meeting. 

These comments will become part of the meeting record.

If you would like to join the Advocacy Group please reach out to and they will put you in contact with the members! 

Warm regards,

Advocacy Committee