Logistics for Taking Classes at Other Schools

This page does not reflect current practices in the 2020 school year under Covid restrictions, but is here to demonstrate what might be possible. 

Logistics for Taking Classes at Other Venues

Logistics for Taking Classes at Other Venues can be challenging and require advance planning and some legwork and additional help from the parents, the advisor or other resources at Steller and at the other schools.  Many Steller Students take advantage of the flexibility offered at Steller in order to expand their choices for available course offerings and meet scheduling challenges.  Below is a brief explanation for what it takes to pursue this.

Step One:  Meet with Your Advisor to Determine if taking a class through a different venue meets your needs

    • Example:  Scheduling conflict exists and you can’t take a core requirement.  Solution can be an Independent Study (not covered here), an online class, taking a class at another ASD school
    • Step Two:  Once you have decided what type of class you are looking for, start investigating what options are available to meet that need.
      • Online Classes through ASD iSchool
        • http://www.asdk12.org/schools/asdischool/pages/
  • Traditional Classes through other ASD schools
    • In order to determine if there are any options available here, contact the curriculum principal at the middle or high school.  If you know the specific class you are interested in (Calculus BC, some type of Orchestra, Art History AP) you may be able to email with questions on which period these are offered.  You may also have to go in multiple times to find a time that is convenient for them to meet with you.
      • Ask questions
      • Be patient but persistent
      • Be respectful of the timing of your request – in the middle of registration days is probably not the best time to request an appointment.
      • The more defined your request is, the better response you will get—do your legwork ahead of time
      • Another way is through word of mouth from students who have taken classes at other schools.
  • University of Alaska Classes
    • Search for UAOnline
    • There is a course catalog and class schedule available online
    • Keep an eye on prerequisites for the courses
  • Alaska Pacific University Classes: Go to the Alaska Pacific University homepage and click on course offerings.
  •  King Tech High School – See the counselor or your advisor to find out what classes are offered and when.  Keep in mind that KCC classes are ½ day in length and count for 1.5 credits.  KCC also offers afterschool classes each semester that last from 2:45 PM to 5:00 PM.  These classes are called 3rd Session classes, and you can get a list of what is being offered in the counselor’s office.
  • Step Three:  Once you have the options, you need to look at the puzzle of timing to see which options will work with your schedule. 
    • Online Classes – easy scheduling
    • ASD Traditional Middle and High Schools:
      • Print out Steller’s Bell Schedule and the Bell Schedule for the School that has the class you are interested in
      • Compare the timing on the schedules with your current schedule at Steller
      • Note:  It is fairly easy to take 1st period at the High Schools if you keep your first hour at Steller free.
      • Step Four:  Start the enrollment process
        • Online Classes –
          • The registration form is usually available on the ASD ischool home page.  Both a student and parent have to fill it out and then give it to the counselor at Steller.  Recommendation is to email it to the Steller Counselor and cc your advisor so that everyone is aware of the request.
  • ASD Middle Schools – Contact the middle school to find out what their process for single class enrollment is.  Usually, a student can only enroll in classes their home school does not offer.  In general, Steller students are allowed to sign up for Orchestra and or Band at Romig Middle School.  It is important to find out the times the classes meet so you don’t conflict with other classes at Steller.  In some cases, students may need to leave a few minutes early from class at Steller to arrive on time to classes at other schools.  Keep in mind that time missed at Steller adds up, and your student may be missing important information from the Steller class.
  • ASD High Schools – Each high school has their own “Single Class Enrollment Form”.  Go to the high school and pick it up.  Fill it out, take it to the Principal at Steller to get it signed and then take it back to the ASD high school.  Last minute scheduling changes may require you to do this at more than one school if a class you thought was going to be available at the time you needed was changed.  Once you have the single class enrollment form signed and turned in, be sure to let the front office at Steller know that you are enrolling in a class at another school so the front office can do the other paperwork needed to have you dual enrolled.
  • Step Five:  Attend
    • Keep in good communication with your advisor on how things are going
      • It can help to make sure the parent checks the schedule and student’s progress.  This can be very difficult for some high school students to learn the pacing, coordination or planning required to take classes from a variety of places.
  • Online Classes –
    • You can schedule this in school with Svetlana
    • Make sure you stay on schedule.  Seek out other resources if you are having issues.
  • ASD High Schools –
    • Be aware of schools that have block schedules and assembly schedules
    • Their parent/teacher conference schedules are often different than Steller’s….so call the office or ask the teacher on weeks where it is end of quarter to make sure you meet that schedule
  • King Tech High Schoool –
    • There is a bus for both regular classes and 3rd session classes.  The 3rd session bus will pick you up from Steller, but the return bus will drop you off by your neighborhood school.  KCC arranges drop offs for 3rd session.
  • Challenges
    • Time – it takes a lot of running around and flexibility to get something that works
    • Schedules for ASD Traditional Middle and High Schools are not finalized until the start/registration period of a school year.  This means that planning in the spring needs to be considered tentative plan and flexibility is key.  This can be very frustrating – but stick with it and keep your sense of humor.
    • At traditional ASD schools, please remember that focus for those schools is first ensuring that the students who are enrolled there as a primary school have their needs met.  As such, Steller Students enrolling should expect to NOT be given the same treatment/priority as students enrolled full time at that school. It is not required for other schools to extend the option for Steller Students to take classes at other ASD Traditional Middle and High Schools so it is important to be as considerate and polite as possible to ensure that Steller Students will continue to be extended this courtesy.  Please help keep this option available by remembering that the other schools’ priority is to first meet the needs of the students who are enrolled there as a primary school.
    • Transportation – transportation can be difficult unless you have a parent willing to drive you, a carpool or the student can drive himself or herself.