Nurse News: COVID-19 update 3-13-20

Dear Steller Community,

I realize there has been a lot of information going around about the Coronavirus, but I also wanted to update you all.

The District continues to evaluate the impact of COVID-19 in Alaska. As of today, there has been one confirmed case in Anchorage. We have carefully considered the risk and impact in the event additional cases are identified in the coming days, and we believe it is our responsibility to take preventative steps in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. In response to this concern, the District has decided to extend spring break for students through next week. Our goal with this action is to flatten the curve of additional cases within schools and, by extension, within the community, with the ultimate goal to resume regular operations in the District as soon as possible.

Although students will not return to school next week, ASD employees will report to work in order to plan and develop distance learning plans for students until they are able to return to their schools.

If you are sick, stay home. For those of you who traveled to any area identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as Level 3, (; (
the CDC’s direction is to stay home for a period of 14 days after returning to the United States. Do not go to work during this 14-day period.

Please continue to follow best practices to avoid the spread of COVID-19, (
It is recommended that group gatherings be limited consistent with CDC guidelines for response during a flu pandemic. CDC information for People at Risk for Serious Illness from COVID-19 is a reliable resource for information.

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