Parents and Students,

The annual standardized testing is just around the corner. Steller’s PEAKS schedule is from March 25 through April 1.

Testing calendar:

Monday 3/25 – 7th grade and Small Groups English Language Arts 8:30

Tuesday 3/26 – 8th grade English Language Arts 8:30 and 10th grade Science12:10

Wednesday 3/28 – 9th grade English Language Arts 8:30 and 8th grade Science12:10

Thursday 3/29 – 8th grade and Small Groups Math 8:30

Friday 3/30 – 9th grade Math 8:30

Monday 4/1 – 7th grade Math 8:30

Please note the time of Science testing for 8th and 10th grades. We start at 12:10to have enough time to finish before school ends. We ask that students bring a sack lunch that day so they don’t have to leave the building for lunch.

Please SEE ATTACHMENT for more information about PEAKS

Marianne Pedersen
School Counselor
Steller Secondary School
(907) 742-4951