Student Spotlight – Allison O’Leary

Here’s What our Steller Students are up to:

Allison O’Leary to Uganda, Africa!  WHAT?

Congrats to Allison for her interest and involvement in One World Today and Bery’s Place, both of which benefit young disadvantaged orphan girls in Uganda. One World Today pays for the education of girls through sponsors, of which Allison is one of them, and Bery’s Place provides refuge for these girls when they are not in school. Allison (11th grader) traveled to Uganda as part of her Passage project and winter Intensive to meet Immaculate, the girl she sponsors and to experience the people and culture of Uganda. Allison was truly inspired by the success of the programs. She is planning to return in the summer to do a month long teaching project in schools attended by Immaculate and other girls at Bery’s Place.

We wish Allison and the girls at One World Today and Bery’s Place the best of success!