Volunteers to Complete District Application

Since July 2022 ASD had had a new application process for anyone who volunteers in ASD Schools. 

“All volunteers (includes chaperones, drivers, and partner organizations) must complete a
volunteer application and sign a liability waiver each school year. This requirement ensures
that the District has the most up-to-date information on those volunteering. The application
and waiver can be found on the website for online submission or printing.” (Read more here) 

The process is not complicated and can be done online or on paper (printed copies are available through the school office). In order to ensure that you can volunteer when you are needed we are asking all parents and guardians to complete the application now.  SPG will have a number of opportunities where we will need volunteers in the next few months:

  • Ice Cream Social on January 15
  • Aurora Music Festival in the spring
  • Passage Mentors
  • Moviethon on March 26

Visit the district website here to complete your application now!