Winter Community Letter

A Note from the Steller Office:

Intensives are wrapping up but excitement is still high. Snow is falling and winter is finally acting like winter. Steller weathered the earthquake well. Although I missed the event, staff and students all worked together flawlessly and in unison. We have started the debrief, changes in protocol (i.e. a central meeting place away from electrical lines) planned and have created a staff committee to access and determine needs for class backpacks for things like blankets and first aid supplies. Our 1949 structure rode the event as well as any. We had no academic material damage and only one toppled computer, dented, but completely functional.

Our Blue Ribbon Year is going well. We have seen mental and physical growth in many. I have heard such nice things about our students throughout this year. From exceptional city bus etiquette, and from hosts of our visited opportunities to substitute and local business comments, each has been extremely positive and always makes my heart a little bit warmer.

Looking ahead to the new year we have:


8th:    Parent Group meeting, 6:00pm
15th:  Fundraising, Joint Parent & OP group, 12pm
18th:  Friday, Souper Steller, 11:45am
24th:  All Community Band and Orchestra Concert, 6pm


5th:   Fundraising committee, 12pm
6th:   8th grade NEAP testing, morning
7th:   Open House, Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Social (prospective students)
8th:   Souper Steller, 11:45am
9th:   All Community Winter Carnival, TBA
12th: Parent Group meeting 6pm
15th:  Valentines Dance, 7pm

It is a pleasure and honor to be part of this wonderful community. Our school is full of amazing students and dedicated teachers mixed in an environment of a multitude of opportunities. What a wonderful combination!

There are many people and entities to thank for our continued success. Today my focus is family, large, small, related or chosen, thank you for your support of your children and our program. Thank you for sharing your most prized possessions; they are integral in our lives.

My daughters are home from college and I am very excited. Shared experiences always make my favorite memories. There will be a fair amount of laughter and joy. I am wishing for winter to stay winter through the season and I wish you time to celebrate our winter break with family and friends.

Happy Holidays to you all,