A Few Lucky Families!!

We have an exciting opportunity for the Anchorage (hopefully Steller) community.  We have high school students all the way from Recife, Brazil who have been awarded a government scholarship to attend one semester of high school.  They will be here from January for just 5 months and we are looking for host families to welcome these students into their homes for this short-term stay.  Would you mind sharing this with your students and families?  In return, CIEE would like to thank your classroom with $250 for referring a family that ends up hosting!

They speak good English, have their own medical insurance, and their scholarship covers the cost of their personal expenses.  They will attend the high school closest to their host family so they can take school transportation.  A family simply welcomes them as one of their own.  This is a great way to learn about a new culture, enjoy showing these students around the community, and learn a little bit of Portuguese.

A host family can be a family with our without kids of any age, single adult, retired, etc.  Anyone who is willing to open their home to these great students make wonderful host families.

Here are notes from some of our students:

DANYLLO, 16 year old boy – Hey, I’m Danyllo, and I’m from Brazil. I don’t know how to play soccer or to dance samba, but I can cook brigadeiro for you! I like to talk about everything, to get out of home and see incredible places, to play cards, board games, I like cooking, I love pets and children. I am funny, happy, a smart guy. During my exchange, I want to learn about the USA and, of course, have the best experience of my whole life, we could share it all!

CAIO RAFAEL, 16 year old boy  I am a very quiet person, but if you try to talk to me you certainly notice that I’m very talkative, I just don’t usually start the conversation. I’ve liked music since I was little, because of that I learned how to play the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar I also now some musical theory. People say I’m funny. I’m an only child and I’ve never had a pet, mainly because I’ve lived the most of my life in apartments. I like videos games, I have a PC so I play my games there and my favorite type of games are the competitive ones like CS: GO, Rainbow Six, Fortnite, etc.  I like exercising too, I do things like working out and running, it’s the complete
opposite of playing video games but I like them both.

DEYSIANE, 16 year old girl- My name is Deysiane. I love to smile and see the people around me smiling too, I don’t like to see anyone sad. People say that I am very sweet, affectionate, intelligent, smiling and friendly. When I get to know people, I’m a little shy at first, but then I start mingling with them. I enjoy spending my free time reading, studying, listening to music, cooking and hanging out with my family and friends. My family takes me to know new places and learn new things.  I like children very much, I get along very well with them. I like to play with the kids in my neighborhood, they are very cute.

DAVI, 16 year old boy  I have facility to make new friends. They always say I am a calm person and I think this is a good point. I love to be with them and to play soccer, which is my favorite sport. I also enjoy traveling with my family. My favorite game is dominos and I usually play it at school.

Please visit www.ciee.org/host for more information, or contact me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Regional Director

email sbusey@ciee.org
tel +
web ciee.org/highschool/


P.S.  When our kids went to Ecuador for a quarter last year, they were welcomed into the families, community and school with warmth and love!